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Issues with brake light and hazard lights?

Started by ClintBarton, July 26, 2018, 03:00:35 PM

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I am just wondering if the brake light should be coming on when just the rear brake (foot pedal) is depressed? I only get the brake light on when I squeeze the front brake. Is that normal or do I have something going on that I need to fix? Where to start? Also when I turn the key to the hazard light postion, down past lock the front blinkers come on solid, the rear light stays lit but no rear blinkers come on. Again is that how it suposed to be or do I got something funky going on with the electrical system?

Please help.

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Clint, you need to undo the flux capacitors a bit and apply 3 coats of tartan paint. I also recommend using a left handed screwdriver and some sky hooks.

After you've loosened the main shaft you need to adjust the 2 ball shaped things at the bottom of the shaft until the white oil comes out the top of the shaft. Use a rag though as this can be a messy process. Hope this helps..
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@Gdub Lol.. But Clint I don't know what bike you're on but I would think your problem is related to your rear break pedal light switch.. It is usually connected to the rear pedal some where but it could be located some where else.. Just follow the rear brake system starting at the pedal and you should see some electrical wires some where along side. Check to see if anything looks out of the ordinary and go from there..



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