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August 05, 2020, 01:26:22 PM


MX Bikes beta14e available! :)

FLCS2 Results

Started by Umpossible, August 02, 2018, 03:19:47 PM

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6 - Sandbiter

6 - Sandbiter
5 - Joao Santos 17
3 - Twitch135
3 - NorCal986
1 - Umpossible

Laps Set
6 - Umpossible
6 - Twitch135
6 - Joao Santos 17
6 - iNsane
6 - Leon_Waters
6 - Sandbiter
5 - NorCal986
5 - Jimqc
4 - mmtroop616
3 - Jjok_17
1 - Mace-X

Congratulations to Sandbiter for the perfect season and championship! I hope everybody who set a lap had fun! Thank you to everybody who has supported this series by setting a lap! Can't wait to see everybody back for the FLCS3 and also a new series that I'll be starting that runs coinciding with the FLCS3, the FLRS (Five Lap Race Series). More info to come soon!


Thanks for doing this man. It has been fun. :)  Congrats! Sandy
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Thanks for hosting this Umpossible! Was fun. It got pretty close at the end there with Santos! Good job everyone. :D

Bj Slice

Congrats! Could be nice to have more than 5 laps for the race series. I would suggest atleast 8 laps for a 2 min optimal lap time  track. Thanks!
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joao santos 17

Pibs could be implement something like testing Race with ghost too like testing but starting in the grid


Even though not many people participated, it was good to have some kind of competition! I sure hope that this game has a usable online experience soon like MX Simulator. Until then, we will never have more than a handful of players.  :-\


I'm one more to add. There must more besides me. Once the content hurdle is leapt, it's easy to jump on and play. That was a big damper for me, but I'm online almost every day. I think more people are seeing the light now.
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