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May 25, 2019, 10:56:24 pm


MX Bikes beta10c available! :)

Steam version

Started by PiBoSo, August 30, 2018, 04:53:29 pm

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Quote from: тғc on August 31, 2018, 02:36:35 pm
5. Last and least really, because 1 - 4 are the essentials. Gameplay / physics.
- Lean angle too high. A) I can't get the bike down low enough in some corners and B) when I do, and I'm railing a berm fast I fall off for what seems like no reason.

To add to that lean angle. Currently the lean angle is determined by the angle of the terrain, isn't it? I don't think that's how it should work. It creates really weird leaning beheavior when coming into a berm/rut. For example, you lean in slightly before the turn, then you hit the berm or rut, and all of a sudden you're leaning over WAY further than you expected.

How I THINK that lean angle should be is not having the lean angle determined by the angle of the terrain, but the global angle. Obviously this won't work with the current lean angle, because it is way too small, but it will work once you've increased the initial lean angle.

All of that will change the overal experience. It'll be a big change in physics, but I think it's for the best. I'm pretty confident that'll fix a lot of weirdness with the current physics.

That's the last thing I'll say about physics. Still planning on making my own MX game, and I don't want to make my competition harder to beat. :D
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What TFC said couldn't be any more spot on. Please allow a group of knowledgeable riders with real life experience to test (not saying I'm one, I'm more of a road racing guy, but love MX Bikes as well). The last thing we would want is for the release to make the wrong first impression.  You don't get a second chance at a first impression. 


Please improve the good direction of netcode and really get the physics/suspension gremlins fixed first please. Then you'll be ready for primetime.
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September 03, 2018, 05:49:52 pm #18 Last Edit: September 03, 2018, 05:53:13 pm by philiaN
QuoteWhat's the MUST HAVE in terms of fixes, new features and content? Just the bare minimum for the first release, not what could be added in later updates.

In short: Your main focus should be on multiplayer like race events/server stability/server browser and general polishing e.g. tweaking the ground surfaces for dry and wet conditions
and dont forget to check supermoto.

- garage bug
- jumpstart -> remove
- stuck in objects/other riders -> short reset like it is now and long reset like short reset with no collision for 2secs (the actually long reset causes to many problems like rider nearby you cant respawn, respawn completly wrong on sx tracks)
- hitboxes -> change it to 1small and 1big hitbox if possible rounded hitboxes (picture below - blue current hitboxes)
- pitboard -> doesnt work in races/qualification
- rider eject cause of some of those hitboxes (handlebar, footpeg or foot idk) -> remove this hitbox, its annoying af
- connection lagg
- tweaking the surfaces dry and wet so they feel the way they should :)

new features:
- Vote system for tracks -> list tracks, vote, server restart with voted track (best solution -> player would stay on the server -> queue)
- Overlay for spectating: standings from first to last like in the picture below + time left and the class (mx1/mx2, open...)
- add all 3 rider views to the spectate mode - settings like fov, show hud, show rider stand should be taken over by the spectator
- Display ALL servers, not only the ones for which you have the track. Use a color code for the server name (black: you can connect ; red: missing bike and/or tracks)
- Allow server hosts to have a Link section in the server information forwarding to where you can get the content needed to play on that server. Clicking a "red" server should open your browser and forward you to the download page (hardcode http://forum.mx-bikes.com/ at the start of the address to avoid porn redirects...)
- Working friend list of who is playing where, compatible with Steam
- Fix the online garage bug
- Lift the server lock when a race is in progress and allow people to join anyway to spectate. No need to load a model then, should not induce any lag.
- Avoid at all costs server disconnections. When a race is over, loop back to practice with no disconnection (remove the track list from the server ini if need be).

- Piboso's all in one track editor (hm, tx, obj.)



if i missed something i will add it :)

spec overlay:
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Just to say that I've been following the daily dev thread on the PiBoSo forums and it looks promising. Keep it up!
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- possibility to paint bike, helmet, kit, boots and gloves  coming with steam version ?Or before?


Quote from: Pestelol on September 20, 2018, 12:17:22 pm
- possibility to paint bike, helmet, kit, boots and gloves  coming with steam version ?Or before?

Do you mean an editor integrated in MX Bikes?  ???

iNsane | WeekendWarriors

September 20, 2018, 04:31:45 pm #22 Last Edit: September 20, 2018, 09:05:27 pm by iNsane
I have a little suggestion to keep things nice and clean, eventually.
So the thing is that if we want to have bikes with different accent colors (like we have in our team, everyone has his color), wouldn't it be nicer to add a selection of accents into the bikes .pnt? Like having the main base.pnt and inside you got like livery_base.tga, wheels_base.tga, livery_cyan.tga, wheels_cyan.tga and you're defining the .tga's through an .ini file like colors.ini

name = [WW] Gray
livery = livery_base
wheels = wheels_base

name = [WW] Cyan
livery = livery_cyan
wheels = wheels_cyan

The same would go with kit and gloves paints. Like having a 2018 FLY Kinetic base paint and another option to choose the different colors.
This would reduce the amount of files we've got and clear things up. So you don't have to scroll through a list of 80 different paints which just have different colors.

I don't know if that's possible but it's just a suggestion.

//EDIT: regarding Kits
Welp maybe we don't call it "Accent" here but "Variation" or "Type"

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That's a great suggestion..
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Quote from: PiBoSo on September 20, 2018, 04:08:50 pm
Quote from: Pestelol on September 20, 2018, 12:17:22 pm
- possibility to paint bike, helmet, kit, boots and gloves  coming with steam version ?Or before?

Do you mean an editor integrated in MX Bikes?  ???

I am not a develloper I don't know what is an editor integrated if its like LCQ Studio yes LOL. Is it ask too much?
If you could do that it will be great for the game. ability to customize  clutch lever, front brake lever even all parts of plastic covers, frame, handlebar, griped,wheels, footrest...everything that can be possible in real life.I know you are focused on simulation and really thanks for that  :-* but your game will become perfect with that.Thx for reading me


September 23, 2018, 08:03:26 am #25 Last Edit: October 06, 2018, 07:39:19 pm by philiaN
For Steam release:
- garage bug
- remove jumpstart
- change: holding long reset into instant respawn with no collision for 2secs
- hitboxes/collision (wip)
- pitboard
- rider eject cause of some of those hitboxes (handlebar or footpeg)
- connection lag (wip)
- polishing the surfaces dry and wet so they feel the way they should

new features:
- Vote system for tracks
- Overlay for spectating
- add all 3 rider views to the spectate mode
server browser:
- Display ALL servers
- Allow server hosts to have a Link section in the server information
- Lift the server lock when a race is in progress and allow people to join anyway to spectate (wip)
- Add Playerlist into the info box of the server

After Steam release:
mods customization

- multi uv / map issue (helmets: specular and reflection works / normalmap not - boots: specular only works properly)
- boots ingame (cant see them sometimes)
- boots paints (switching boots model will add the paints to the dropdown menu - it should reload the paints)
- shorten display names in menu with [...] - extend in dropdown menu

Split the menu into Mods -> Rider/Bike

rider customizations:
- new/improved rider model atleast the whole lower body
- moddable rider mudlayers (kit paints)

helmet paint:
goggle: empty object
goggle paint:
visor paint:
face paint: including the neck texture
helmet cam: empty object
kit paint:
gloves paint:
boots paint:

bike customizations: the best way would be like lcq studio does: https://youtu.be/Zm9G2RbZwno otherwise like this:
paint accent:
exchangeable modifications linked via an empty object
handlebars: including barpad
barpads: texture only
disc covers:
tyres: for soft/mid/hard

- add selectable motion blur
- truesky https://simul.co/truesky/
- distance rendering (wip)

- improved stability helper for uphills
- it would be worth a try to test what sandy wrote: (wip)
QuoteAs we all know, the lean angle is weird. I'm not asking for an increased lean angle since you already know about that. The way the lean works now, is that the lean angle seems to connect to the angle of the normal from the terrain. For example, you come into a turn while you lean in slightly before hitting the berm. Once you hit the berm, all of a sudden the bike will lean over a lot more. I THINK the way to fix this, is to make the lean angle connected to the global world axis, not the terrain normal. Though, before that'll actually work out better, the lean angle has to be increased. This method of leaning will most likely get rid of weird physics behaviors on uneven terrains. I'm pretty sure this'll also make the game more predictable and make it possible to have a lot rougher terrains.

Track Editor
all your titles would benefit immense by a track editor
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all this sounds perfectly <3

Bj Slice

September 23, 2018, 03:54:23 pm #27 Last Edit: September 23, 2018, 08:48:10 pm by Bj Slice
Thanks for the updates. I am excited for new stuffs. I have one suggestion however, the ingame spectators on the sides of tracks model hopefully can also be an easy option/better model with less impact to rendering (if it does at all) for track-makers. So when we have a series again, atleast we could have a lively racing day. Way to go guys!
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NorCal 986

Lean angle seriously needs a change. Has a very "arcade physics" feel.


I had a go of the alta for the first time the other day and immediately noticed the difference in engine braking.

As someone that is still not very good at the game i found the alta to be easy to ride and fell off much less due to the engine braking and feel it would be worth taking a look at the difference between the engine braking on the alta and the other bike models.

I think slightly more engine braking on the normal models could help with peoples initial reaction when playing for the first time and may help the steam release.

One of my gripes with the game as it is at the moment is when i fall off the bike usually ends up facing backwards (or much worse) because the rear wheel (gyro) is still spinning, this happens much less with the alta due to the near immediate engine braking that stops the rear wheel.