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Re: Hello MXB folks
« Reply #15 on: November 03, 2018, 06:47:29 AM »
Yes I know what a beta is. We are both just stating facts and the conversation is not going any where. I gave an honest opinion and people act like I disrespected them. Too many people caught up in thier feelings I guess

which 'disrespect'? which 'their feelings'? looks like a sort of shitty psychoanalysis behind these words.

i'm just talking about the attitude of waiting when it comes to online games.
online game always start since one guy connects and waits for others to join. you don't want to join first, you don't want to join second. you are waiting. most of you are waiting. waiting for some others who will make more content (despite the fact that the game already has more content than all those mxgp games) and populate servers with 10+ ppl 24 hours per day for you, waiters. and this is about the indie game which is not promoted like COD or NFS series, so it means there is obviouly lack of fans coming due to previous popularity. looks like customers get fat these days instead of being realistic.

the conversation is not going any where
you are not going any where and by this you help the game stay in this state. Mister Waiter.
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