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[Straight Rhythm] Forest Rhythm v0.1

Started by iNsane, November 04, 2018, 07:36:13 PM

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November 04, 2018, 07:36:13 PM Last Edit: November 16, 2018, 06:40:59 PM by iNsane

Forest Rhythm - 04.11.2018
A slightly abandoned Straight Rhythm track in the middle of a forest. (At least it should look like that)

This is my first track, maybe it gets changed someday a little bit. But for now it's pretty and rideable I'd say.

Rules for Straight Rhythm in MX Bikes (04.11.2018)

- The map has its splits located at the Holeshot and at the Finish gate
- Timings are getting count as soon as you finish the lap
- Timings may only count in race mode, so you're not having a head start

"Races are 1 Lap, may only two people race at the same time, the other's have to get disqualified to let the race start and go into replay mode. That's the only way in how it's gonna work."

Installation instructions:
Move the .PKZ archive into your MX Bikes mods/tracks/ folder, and that's all!


Montage of the track by aroca (thanks!):

Thanks to Sandbiter for his well done trees! ♥

maybe it's possible to implement a function in TrackEd to allow sprint races (without laps, one start gate one finish lap)?

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7aroca gil

Wow awesome brother, thank you very much awesome !!
I'll try ;) ;) ;) ;) ;)


Bj Slice

Haven't seen the track but downloaded anyway. Awesome man great job!
"Practice not until you get it right. But practice until you can never get it wrong, and make it a routine"


Yay for more tracks!

It's a good track, tried it fast yesterday. I really like the whoops/rollers, the speed checks have a good feel to it even if the landing is a bit steep. I like the approach you took as it's "easy" with the tables everywhere, but the downside is that there are no rythm options to go with. It rides nicely though. Bonus points for the large berm which is AWESOME :p
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Wow this is insane thx so much for sharing,let's go all run on the track tonight lol? :D

7aroca gil

Yes, but please help me to solve my problem with the line. as
PIBOSO does not ;)


The track is awesome!!! But is it just me or is the start really hard to clear? Maybe if you could move the start gates back to maybe like the cones in the middle that would be better? And like Asdrael said, there isn't really any other lines to take, but its a great first release  ;D ;)

7aroca gil

hello insane, Could you modify the finish line break?
Since it would have to be the biggest and the most spectacular.
We all know that you have done a great job, and much more we can not ask,
One thing for you:But a finish line
jump would be great like this


7aroca gil


Quote from: 7aroca gil on November 07, 2018, 01:46:46 AM
estamos de acuerdo  ;D ;D ;D

I didn't payed attention in spain class so please keep running conversations in the language it started with

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7aroca gil

I am Spanish, but I did not attend English or German classes either. ;)


Want to try this so bad.. but can't get it to show up in game. I put the PKZ file i downloaded directly into my tracks folder but it doesn't show up. I cant open the PKZ file either. Any ideas?
Currently learning how to mod so that I can add value.

7aroca gil

try to replace the name "pkz" with "rar" and place the folder next to those of your tracks