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TrackEd Sprint (Straight Rhythm Feature)

Started by iNsane | WeekendWarriors, November 11, 2018, 01:29:02 pm

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iNsane | WeekendWarriors

so like the topic subject somewhat tries to say, I thought it would be a benefit for the future of MXB to have full compatibility for Straight Rhythm tracks.

For now, or I just didn't figured it out yet, TrackEd and MXB are only capable of having circuit races/tracks. Means, theres a gate that's for start and finish.
Therefore to complete a full lap, you have to ride one full circuit. That's how races go, sure.

But Straight Rhythm has a little problem with that type of limitation. It's a race with a start, and a finish gate.

I found a workaround for my Straight Rhythm track, making it possible to return to the start and finish the race riding through the Start/Finish gate. But that's not quite the point behind Straight Rhythm. I mean, it's working, and if we're doing tournaments or races in general, we can detect who did the holeshot or who was the fastest/who finished the Rhythm first, with the timings of the Splits. That's okay for now, but it's still not really correct.

Dunno if that's possible, or in your interest Pibs, but I'd like to hear your opinion about that, and if this feature comes before/with/after b10. Hope it's clear what I'm about to say.


Adding support for "open" tracks wouldn't be too difficult.
However, for full compatibility the race manager should be extended to support a tournament style competition. That would be a very long task.


Hey Pib, is there a way to allow more than 100 objects to be placed in trackED? If I go over 100 they become invisible tough blocks.
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