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October 21, 2020, 07:00:59 AM


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Suspension set up..

Started by Jimqc, January 06, 2019, 08:52:26 PM

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hello i would like to know to make a good set up suspension the bump rebound fast bump etc. it works? I started trying to change the value and I see no difference what your set up for fun ???



okay! I will try your set up I often roll in 2f my thank you I will take it as a base thank you! :)

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Quote from: Jimqc on January 06, 2019, 08:52:26 PMhello i would like to know to make a good set up suspension the bump rebound fast bump etc. it works? I started trying to change the value and I see no difference what your set up for fun ???

Here are some links about how to set up suspension. I have a video from RMATV which goes over everything that has to do with Suspension. It will tell you what to adjust by how your bike is handling. I also have a PDF from Pro Circuit they sent me and the Race Tech Suspension Bible which you normally have to pay for their classes to get. Everything they say should apply to the game minus Front Fork Sag I have never heard of that in my life but PiBoSo put it in the game for a reason. Here are the links.

Basic Suspension Setup On A Motorcycle

Pro Circuit Sag Setup:

RaceTech Suspension Bible:

MX & Off-Road Suspension Set Up Tips:

These 4 tutorials should give you a very good idea of how Suspension works I added the last one because it did have a Sag setting for the front. I would just send you my setup from my Husky TC125 or Honda CRF250R but Beta 14 basically made them worthless at the moment. I hope it helps let me know. Make sure you set your Sag first do some laps and figure out what you don't like then go in and change it.

Stonerider has a great tutorial on the forum that tells you how to set your Sag you should read it.

I recommend having 2 setups to compare to each other. Don't worry you will get the hang of it PiBoSo is supposed to be fixing it. Last week the Suspension was bouncy but really good for cornering now its so stiff that it feels like it doesn't even compress and most of the players are losing the front end in the corners.


thanks mate, this should be pinned
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Quote from: GDUBMX on April 08, 2020, 05:45:30 PMthanks mate, this should be pinned

Hopefully, it helps some people I don't know if I could I figured a moderator should do it anyway. I am too new here and I don't want to make any waves. I am used to the MX Sim forums where people don't like new people especially giving advice. I am not saying that it's like that here so far everyone has been really nice respectful and helpful it is just what I was used to and one of the reasons I left. You are more than welcome to do with it what you like.

Eventually, I would like to put together an entire instruction thread I found so many different settings in the advanced section like how fast and hard your brakes kick in or if you want your back to brake at full power while your front is at 3/4. Same with how fast you can lean the bike or your rider it is really in-depth. I just need to know what some of the other settings do and how they work first. But like I said if you want to post it somewhere else or tell me where to pos it either way I am cool with it.


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Quote from: Jimqc on April 09, 2020, 12:04:36 AMThanks CBM RACING!!
Your welcome I have been around dirtbikes my entire life either Racing them or working in the Race industry so if you ever have any questions at all feel free to ask if I don't have the answer I have a list of mechanics and riders I can ask. I am always happy to help