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MX Bikes beta15d available! :)

D Series Husqvarna 350

Started by devotid, October 08, 2014, 08:28:31 AM

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October 08, 2014, 08:28:31 AM Last Edit: October 08, 2014, 08:32:38 AM by devotid
Thanks again Piboso for an amazing sim.  Loving it so far.  It got me all charged up to get back to working hard on my own stuff again.... ;)  Been too busy with real life.

Here is full rider and bike that i did up last night.  Enjoy!  I cant wait till Anaheim1 to see the flying white bikes back on the tracks.

2015 Husky 350
Author: www.devotid.com
Sponsor: D Series Off Road Racing Simulation
Download Bike Livery .ZIP File:  http://www.mediafire.com/download/2fnm6xtz73m8kyw/DSeries_HUSKY350xf.rar

Download Riders gear .ZIP File: http://www.mediafire.com/download/q92v460qiu31ge3/DevotidRiderMXBikes.rar
Helmet: Team USA Six days replica
Jersey: Throwback 80's Husqvarna
Pants: Original Malcolm Smith Racing Pants
Boots: Nike Air Max's.  (Look out Motocross.... The giant is coming) ;)
Gloves: Troy Lee Designs Gloves

Inspired from my real life "husky" ;)

This pic was taken on the last corner of a 3 hour HareScramble.... Can you tell i look pretty tired?
D Series Simulation
RC Simulation 2.0


wow, that looks pretty sweet dude. Love the akrapovic exhuast system, looks mint. Keep the good work up :)



Am I missing something? How in the world did you paint the bike parts. I took your file and unpacked it to see where you could paint the radiator parts, and the arms to the rear wheel, and the motor plate on the bikes right side. I see you have two other files I'm not aware of (bike parts, onboard). Where did you find those?

It makes your paint look next level for sure. Great job!


Templates were updated a while ago duck, check the paints thread  ;)


Quote from: TheFatController on October 08, 2014, 03:35:49 PM
Templates were updated a while ago duck, check the paints thread  ;)

Wow do I feels stupid. They are in the pack I have, I didn't think they came with it because when you go into bike and rider templates says nothing about bike parts and onboard, didn't even bother to check my documents folder where I store MX Bikes stuff.


Thanks gang.  ;D

I cant wait till I figure out how to play with specular and alpha/transparent maps.  Anybody now how?  I want to make the decals and the plastic different shininess. 

Can we mess with the bump maps too?  In my own game, I just pack them into the alpha layer of the .TGA file.  Im not sure if that works here because of the PaintEd Packer. Thanks for any heads up.   

D Series Simulation
RC Simulation 2.0


If it works the same as track objects you need to specify a .SHD file that goes along with your .TGA that specifies the reflectiveness and shininess (I believe these are fixed for the whole texture unfortunately but a map would be great to control different parts, maybe it is something they could incorporate later) as well as the proper normal map to use.