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July 14, 2020, 12:46:22 PM


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Install error

Started by Fu_Ma, July 16, 2019, 10:50:17 AM

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Hello, i've downloaded the last version of mx bikes to update a previous installation, as i do every new version of that game. But in the installation process, after i choose the hard disk, when i want to start the installation, the program makes the .ink file on the desktop but inside the hdd there isn't trace of the game... No folders, no files. I'm sure that isn't a problem of my pc because i've installed every version of your game on it in the last 3 years
I also retried the installation after a new download of the setup, but it had the same problem.
How i can resolve? Thank you :)


Do you keep the standard installation path? One thing I thought of is that if you install it to for example "c:\games\mxb" and the folder "games" doesn't exist, it will just create the desktop shortcuts but not install anything.

The .ink file on the desktop doesn't start the game? The standard installation path changed to "Program Files" (see here). Are you looking in the right folder?

Also if nothing helps you can open the installer with 7-Zip for example and put the files where you need them. Or you can create a shortcut for the installer and add -extract to the path (see here). Starting the shortcut should create a .zip-file with the content of the installer.