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August 26, 2019, 05:52:07 am


MX Bikes beta11d available! :)

Rider Models

Started by FryedroPonics, August 03, 2019, 11:10:17 am

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Has anyone made or thought about making any different ones? or anyway some from sim could be imported?

No offense to Piboso's rider model, i just dont like how slouched over the rider is in the back kinda like he has no neck.
i think if the posture was a little better it would make the riding look a lot before for screenshots and videos. 


Unfortunaly as far as I know it's not possible.

I've made a topic quite a while back on what might be possible though.
If you enjoy my work, please consider making a donation:


yeah that stuffs way over my head xD
id love to see a new rider model tho. been having a lot of fun on here lately.

Also would like to learn how to import my tracks from sim as well


I'm working on the rider model and animations.. It's tricky because we're blending animations a lot and the pose can go weird quite easily. But we're going to look at it for sure.