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[MxBikes] register key problem

Started by janaucarre, October 10, 2014, 04:05:04 PM

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Yesterday i wanted to register at this page:
I have tried many things until it works, before that it says me : invalid key
I think the problem came by the manner i used to copy/past the key in the page.
I copied the key from the wordpad, where i copied before from the email, and i think the code was the problem. Perhaps the code used by wordpad or my PC is not the same as the webpage, my PC use perhaps ASCII and probably the webpage use the html.
I don't know if i'm right but that's the only thing i found.


Check for spaces before the key and make sure you don't have : before the key
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All is ok now.
I tried to write myself without space, with space, replacing  -  by nothing, i have all tested until i copy directly from the email and there all was good.