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Converting MXS Track into MXB

Started by Big Smooth one3, November 22, 2019, 03:37:23 PM

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Big Smooth one3

General question any who might have experience in this area - how difficult is to to convert a track made for MX Sim into MXBikes. I haven't invested a lot of time into learning the process of building tracks in MXB because, frankly, I'm not sure if I'll have the time to build one from the ground up - and having taken the immense amount of time to learn how to do it in MXS, I'm aware of the type of effort and investment it takes to learn how to build tracks properly, which I imagine is something that holds true in MXB.

With that said, if it's possible, I would love to try and bring some of my MXS tracks over into MXB. I realize it will require additional work, etc., won't be as easy as just copy/paste files, but if I'm able to use the same heighmap from the MXS track, seems like that would be a good jump-start to the process. Thanks in advance for the info!


To get a little hang on you should consider taking a look at TFCs today released first video of his tutorial series. This should be a very first shot in how stuff works!

Basically the first step into converting MXS to MXB is getting sizes correct.

Since MXS works with Feet and MXB with Metres, you have to recalculate the scaling from feet to meters.

And then its adapting the jumps into the MXB physics. Especially tables are too long in MXS to be jumped correctly in MXB, different physics and stuff

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What iNsane said ^
If you've got the basics down of how track creation works in MXB, it's easy enough to import any MXS track.

The .HMF and .THT files include the sizing of your track in meters. Then there's a heightmap.raw which is the heightmap. Simply converting the MXS terrain.hf values from feet to meter, putting them into the .HMF and .THT files, and saving your MXS terrain.png as terrain.raw and it should work.
For textures, you'd only really need 3 layers. My way is having one base layer which is the dark dirt texture, then a light dirt texture on top of that, and a grass texture. Your grass and light dirt texture layers would need a mask, which is simple enough to set up if you take a look at the example track. Your light dirt texture mask should contain your track path on <50% black. That'll make the track path darker than the offtrack, though still leave room for deformation.

Big Smooth one3

Thanks for the video referral, checked that out earlier today. And appreciate the tips Ruben, makes really good sense and will definitely be trying it out sometime in the (hopefully) near future. Cheers!