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December 07, 2019, 12:38:06 am


MX Bikes beta13c available! :)

Enduro Track

Started by Jughaid, December 01, 2019, 06:35:42 am

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I took a look at a few tutorials and thought I'd try to build a track using L3DT.  It's an Enduro style track on natural terrain, and thanks to the deformation effect the track gets better after every lap...Here's a video and a few screenshots of where I'm up to.



iNsane | WeekendWarriors

Looks really cool already! You're doing great work so far!

But I'm not sure if it's because of the bike or if the track heightmap needs a +2ish gaussian blur on the whole, it looks really bumpy when you're riding


WOW!!! Like it a lot :) Looking forward for the release. Good work :)


Can you also do some enduro bikes. It would be great.


Can you put more obstacles like stones and loggs. Some sections with tape on each side would be cool.


That looks absolutely mad I can not wait to rip this track. Please continue the great work.
I didn't lose the race, I ran out of laps.


Thanks for the comments!

Still learning things as I go...I made a mistake with naming my trees and I need to rename/replace 1000 of them if I want collisions and shadows (don't use TRKCONC for shadows).  I do have a section with a log but it's kind of like hitting the map limit in motocross madness...Does anybody know what tyre obstacles are named? I'm using TRKCONC at the minute.

Thanks for the gaussian blur advice!  I'll make a mask so it will only apply to the track texture to encourage riders to use the track without discouraging taking different lines.  The deformation system really helps with building the 'final' track.  I tried making changes to the heightmap before and failed but I'm guessing now that's because I didn't reset the map...


the track is nice but damnnnn that bike is crispy! You got a download link for that?
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