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profile resets upon startup

Started by jtrs_61, December 01, 2019, 09:27:08 pm

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December 01, 2019, 09:27:08 pm Last Edit: December 01, 2019, 09:41:36 pm by jtrs_61
when opening mxb for the day my profile in game seems to be reset.  this has happend twice.... what I mean by reset is, everything is returned to default.  everything... controller settings, bike settings, bike/rider appearance... hell, even my name and number are gone.  This is super frustrating having to go back through and map controller and try and set things like I like it, again lol.  When I go to profiles the only thing available is "unnamedprofile" and I haven't touched that since day one...

Everything has been fine the last couple weeks.  Ive installed 13b, even since ive played a few days and no issues.  until yesterday morning, then again today.  Idk what I've done differently... 

In fact, I went and checked the Documents/piboso/mxbikes/profiles and my original jtrs_61 file exists, just cant select it in game. suggestions?


Not sure what the fix is but the next time you get everything setup take a backup of your Piboso folder, you can then easily get everything back if it happens again until the problem is fixed.
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since my original profile folder was there along with the unnamedProfile folder, I copied all contents of jtrs_61 into unnamed and started it up.  no change. went through and got everything remotely close to way I had it...  kinda afraid to close the window lol, then again, im getting quick at setting it all up


So the folder exists but you can't see it on the profiles page ingame...? Weird.

Please open Documents\PiBoSo\MX Bikes\global.ini and report what profile name it says


This has happened twice, now a third time.  I beleive it happens when installing tracks.  Usually I download and either unzip, or cut/paste the .pkz file from my download folder.  But, In order to save room on hard drive, if its the raw pkz file, I figured I would download from mega but select "save as" and save directly from download to documents>piboso>mxbikes>mods>tracks>motocross

I beleve this is the action that caused all prior issues with profile resetting, but does not explain why the folders show up in explorer but not in game.

Global file saved.     




So to clarify, after a profile reset the global.ini looks fine, showing your profile name?


Quote from: Snappe on February 18, 2020, 03:27:43 pmSo to clarify, after a profile reset the global.ini looks fine, showing your profile name?

No, gloaba.ini is as follows:


Except this time, the mods didn't reset upon start up. like my bike and rider were all outfitted but the number had changed on the bike... vs last time EVERYTHING went back to stock.

that global file... can I update it to lastprofile=jtrs-61 and it load back awesome? ... I wonder ...

Nope, it still loaded as unnamedprofile. anything else I can help with to help narrow down why this is happening, let me know! thanks for making this game awesome yall.