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August 13, 2020, 01:47:45 AM


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3rd Person View Improvements?

Started by AZDesertRat, December 12, 2019, 07:06:00 PM

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I understand that the majority of players prefer either of the 1st person camera views, myself included. 1st person provides the best simulated look/feel of being on a bike and IMO is a far more exhilarating experience in MX Bikes. In fact, currently it's the ONLY way I can recommend anyone to play the game.  1st person is able to convey the feel of riding on the edge when really pushing the bike, especially when hammering the bike out of a corner.  That sensation of acceleration is superb!! Along with the incredible depth to the learning curve, this game beckons me to play every day. 

Conversely, 3rd person does just the opposite :( . It almost seems like you are riding in slight slow motion.  Kind of like an old school racing game where the only cue between driving at high vs low speed at full throttle was the rate at which your surroundings were passing by IE: Road Rash, LOL. That's the best way I can describe this view mode.  I've been desperately trying to convince a group of "casual gamer" friends to purchase MX Bikes for a while now but more than half of them will only play in 3rd person.  Unfortunately, after trying the demo (some several times over the past few years), they just can't stand the 3rd person cam.  I don't know what can be done to improve the feel of this camera but I have to think it could result in a fair number of new sales for Piboso if the experience was even close to 1st person.



I only play in 3rd person - Yeah yeah heckle away I don't care.

Anyway, I've made 3rd person cam suggestions in the past. Its locked to a certain part and needs to be less locked and a bit more free, also the ability to slightly adjust the fov would be great.


I have no problem with others playing in 3rd person.  Hell, you can play in 2D view as long as you keep churning out such killer track renditions:).

Your note about the cam being locked sparked a thought.  If Piboso could still have it target the same part but when accelerating, maybe having the cam zoom slightly backwards and then opposite (zoom in under braking) that might really enhance the cam?  Or at least add this as an optional view option for 3rd person.  Off = Fixed, On = Float?

I agree with being able to adjust FOV and/or cam position to something like Close, Standard, Far.  I think multiple choices rather than one stock 3rd person would be a nice feature. 

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Quote from: 𝖙𝖋𝖈 on December 12, 2019, 08:06:02 PMI only play in 3rd person - Yeah yeah heckle away I don't care.


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Here it comes haha..

No, it feels too fixed in MXB. In MXS you can see it's fixed to the helmet which I equally hate. It needs to be more free, allow whatever the focal point is to move slightly in all directions in a soft way. If that makes sense. It needs to be more like Reflex..