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Axis Inversion

Started by yzmxer608, December 20, 2019, 06:07:13 AM

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I'm trying to invert a thumbstick axis on an Xbox 360 controller.  I took a look at the controls.txt, but it's not making much sense to me.  Is it as easy as making one of the numbers negative?  What does each number mean?  Is this even possible to do?


Not used this controller myself but can you not just set the axis in reverse when you program it in settings? Or maybe this is preset with these controllers?
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nope...i use an xbox controller and, for example, when programming for throttle, pull the stick back and when doing the brake, push forward, instead of the normal forward and back...thereby reversing tha axis....


Yep just push the stick the opposite way to invert


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Awesome, thanks guys! 

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