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August 14, 2022, 05:33:54 AM


MX Bikes beta17e available! :)

Enduro Loop- 'Tarpeian Springs'

Started by Jughaid, December 24, 2019, 05:15:10 AM

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I've only found out about MX Bikes because of the Steam release and have been rushing through modding tutorials in order to work out how to create custom content.

This is the first map I'd like to share; 'Tarpeian Springs' is the result of an auto generated landscape (L3DT) and a random squiggly line which came together to form a natural terrain, single trail enduro loop.  There are a few obstacles and trees to negotiate, and a bit of custom scenery for character.  I think the track gets better after a few laps as the deformation makes it look better and starts to produce new lines.  It's a bit over 4kms long and a lap is about 5:40- it's a bit of a challenge to complete a lap without dropping the bike.  The replay TV cameras are in place as well. 

I don't play online so I don't know if that works- I suspect it does.  I've only given it 6 gates because that seemed about right to me, and it wasn't really something I was focusing on.  That's easy enough to change if I do an update, although at the moment I'm very keen to move on from this project so I can continue to work on the old YZ465, and others...

Problems that I know about are that sometimes a 'long reset' will put you back at the first corner, and there's a few floating trees and objects not sitting right.

This has been an exercise in learning how to do everything I needed to do to get a track into the game without worrying about doing it well, so I guess it's a Beta...

It's not Motocross but hopefully there'll be a few guys out there that will enjoy this track!



Quote from: Jughaid on December 24, 2019, 05:15:10 AMIt's not Motocross but hopefully there'll be a few guys out there that will enjoy this track!
Any new track I like! Nice work man


Great!!! I love Enduro :) For sure i will enjoy this track ;) Keep up the great work.

firedrug fgr


Thanks for the release man, lets try this :)


great job for a first track dude, as you said some parts are really challenging and deserve respect , visual part is cool even if i would have loved more of the white red banners to force us staying inbetween the lines and to make it more feel like a enduro stage more than a trail in the woods, but its just my feelings.
Looking forward for more stuff comin from you dude ! thanks


I love the track! Now some Enduro Bikes were welcome! Thanks for this amazing track :)

Resolute Kraken

Thanks! I can see more enduro content coming soon!


ive really enjoyed the half hour i spent ripping around here. its really cool after a few laps when the ruts start forming and theres a rut through the grass when you go off the main trail. really gives a realistic feel. the more you learn the trail the more you can sorta hop through sections and its super good training for motocross because of all the leaning forward, backward, weighting the outside peg and overall balance. this is epic if you ask me. really appreciate the effort bud

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ive been dying for another enduro track since im a gncc rider myself, thank you so much and merry christmas!


This is exactly the type of enduro track I like - lots of rolling elevation with natural jumps, and no absurd hill climbs that disrupt the flow like in some of the MX Sim tracks. Cheers, man.


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