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June 25, 2022, 05:50:18 AM


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Old MCM creator looking to create tracks.

Started by showtimemx, December 25, 2019, 07:49:19 PM

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I have been around the motocross game community for over 30+ yrs I use to create tracks for MCM 1 & 2, MX vs ATV, Mx Simulator and a few others and am looking to get back into creating tracks for MX Bikes and wondered if I could get a little help getting started.  I tried to looking through the forums to find what I need but I'm not fully getting all the pieces. 

1. Does anyone have tutorials on how they are using Blender for objects and track setup (size etc within blender).
2. Textures - I realize almost all games have gone to tiling but I wondered if it is possible to do a single image texture map say 2049 x 2049?  I still enjoy the old method of using burn tool etc with a top down render of the map to do track textures?

I really appreciate any input and look forward to possibly bringing some new content to MX bikes (hopefully 3d track objects, Bike Skins, Rider Skins, Tracks)

Thanks Again


Hi and welcome to MXBikes forum. Have a look at the link below for some really good track making tutorials.

I didn't lose the race, I ran out of laps.


I have watched most of these and have learned a lot but still have areas that I feel I'm missing.  I would love to see how the track the Forest was created along with the textures and objects.  Really enjoying the game and would love to put together some fun riding tracks so I will keep working at it and see what I can come up with.


Wow hey man.. I remember you from MCM - UFO_Showtime wasn't it?

Such a cool era in motocross gaming.

I will be moving onto Blender in my tutorial series to show how I do objects but that will be further down the line as there is stuff to do and cover first.

Yes it's possible to do one big image. The way I'm doing one of my latest tracks which is 2049 heightmap with a physical size of 300x300m is with an 8k (8192x8192) normal map overlay. Under this is tiled textures within masks but it really makes the track pop, same as Forest, Mantua, Maryland and of course Rubens Glendale and St Louis. Easy enough to do too..

One great difference now with MXB is you can have the terrain self cast shadows so no need to go into a 3d program and render a shadow map.

Welcome to the community and looking forward to some Showtime tracks!


Hi Showtime! I remember you from MCMFactory and MX Sim, very cool to have you here.

Regarding the objects placement in Blender, I think this video should help you out in some ways. I don't know how well your French is, but at least you can somewhat see how it's done:

Sorry if you didn't want me to post this Niko


Thanks guys, I'm absolutely loving mx bikes.

So a few issues I've run into:

1. Converting heightmap.png to .raw format.  I use affinity photo and found no expert to that format, instead I started with world creator, moved to l3dt export .raw from there.  Not super great.

2. Keep getting crashes to desktop after making changes to size/scale in notepad. Change it back still crashes.


You can use L3DT to simply convert an image to a RAW. You need to experiment though with image formats. I never had any luck with exporting images from PSP or GIMP - each time I'd end up with a very low res heightmap that was unrideable. For me, I just stuck to purely using L3DT because it was easier. You will need to experiment with that one.. PS is capable of exporting RAW in a good format so check with a PS guy for details.

As for making changes, each change you make you need to run the processes I.e TRH.bat, map.bat, terrained, tracked to open and merge centerline to the new collisions (unless you're using the centerline.bat to do that).

If you have missed a step you will have problems.

You also need to update your track folder with your new map and THT files.

Feel free to add me on Discord if you get stuck, name is also TFC there 👍


That did it apparently I was missing a step in there somewhere and it was causing problems.  Now I can work on the heightmap and get things going.  One more quick question.  How do I remove all the grass from the track?  I'm using the example track and some settings based on tfc tutorials so I'm getting grass from the example track all over the track.



Remove the layer from the HMF and THT, remember to adjust the layer count at the top in both files. Or, add new grass and add your own grass mask.

One thing I've seen a lot recently is people having problems with grass because they've added their grass texture as maps/grass.tga but not included the maps/ path with their new mask.

Hope that helps