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Syncback: 24/7 Download all Mods and stay up-to-date (Bikes,Tracks,Paints etc)

Started by Niko Mouk, January 09, 2020, 11:00:38 pm

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Niko Mouk


Still trying to make the gamer life easier, we decided to revive this tool for you guys to automatically download the game stuff 24/7. Please read carefully this tutorial and follow the steps.

1. Download the latest version of SyncBack (free) CLICK HERE. Follow the installation steps and run the program.

2. Download the Master Profile. CLICK HERE

3. Unzip the Master Profile and open it with SyncBack (you can drag and drop it into the SyncBack window). This will start the download of all MxBikes SyncBack profiles on your desktop.

4. Select the profiles you want to sync and drag them into the Syncback window. Don't add the last (MXB_zSYNC_PROFILES). Please see the description of each profile at the bottom of this topic.

5. Open each profile (click modify) and modify the Destination folder to your mods folder if you have a custom folder only (else the path is already good).

6. Drag the MXB_zSYNC_PROFILES in SyncBack. This will group all your profiles into an only one to manage easily the sync scheduling. Modify this profile, select the When menu then Periodically tab.
Set here the frequency you want the sync to run. You can also set the second option visible on the screenshot below to run only when idle (so when you computer is ON but you don't use it).

7. If you wan you can start syncing now by clicking MXB_zSYNC_PROFILES then Run button.

The first time you run the profile, it will take a while as everything will be downloaded. From the second run, only the new or updated files will be downloaded.

MX Bikes Profiles details
MXB_OEM_BIKES_MOTOCROSSMANDATORY - Contains all OEM MX bikes to join race servers
MXB_OEM_BIKES_SUPERMOTOOPTIONAL - Contains all OEM Supermoto bikes
MXB_RIDER_ALLContains Boots, Fonts, Helmets, Rider Paints, Protections.
If you select this profile, so you don't need any other _RIDER_ profile.
MXB_RIDER_BOOTSContains rider boots
MXB_RIDER_FONTSContains rider fonts
MXB_RIDER_HELMETSContains rider helmets
MXB_RIDER_PAINTSContains rider paints
MXB_RIDER_PROTECTIONSContains rider protections
MXB_TRACKS_ALLContains all tracks. If you select this profile, so you don't need any other _TRACK_ profile.
MXB_TRACKS_ENDUROContains all Enduro tracks
MXB_TRACKS_MOTOCROSSContains all Motocross tracks
MXB_TRACKS_STRAIGHTRHYTHMContains all Straight Rhythm tracks
MXB_TRACKS_SUPERCROSSContains all Supercross tracks
MXB_TRACKS_SUPERMOTOContains all Supermoto tracks
MXB_zSYNC_PROFILESIt's a profile group which regroup other profiles once added to Syncback. Its purpose is to manage the scheduling in an unique place.
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wha about oem bike skins? is it under the oem bikes profile?
thanks btw