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Thoughts on 3D Scan tracks? (Trbovje)

Started by sslum, January 15, 2020, 01:33:43 AM

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Whats up everyone im new here. (4 days in having a lot of fun) Last night i tried Trbovje.MX for the first time and was really impressed with how realistic it felt. I know a few things could have been improved but overall for a replica style track usind 3D Scans it's super enjoyable. I'd assume this is a difficult and costly way of creating a track but, could this be a sign of what 1:1 scale tracks are moving towards with drones and scanning? Dont get me wrong Ironman2018 is all the realism i need  :) I think being able to see the ruts with the HD image is so cool, just one more step in the customization of the soil would make it insanely realistic, lastly has anyone rode this track in VR? Thoughts... tia ALL


The textures on Glendale and St. Louis are actually from a 3D scanned SX track (ClubMX).

I've got a few 3D scanned tracks on my hard drive, of which two are already custom made by other creators and I don't want to release the same track as them.