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January 19, 2021, 07:12:13 AM


MX Bikes beta15d available! :)

[RELEASE] 2020 San Diego (Pinned166 Edition)

Started by Pinned166, February 17, 2020, 05:30:08 AM

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Here is my first track and first attempt at creating objects. Far from perfect but a good learning experience.

I realize this track was already released earlier but I imagine it will ride a little different and I tweaked the track based on the real life race.

DOWNLOAD 2020 San Diego

Special thanks to TFC and Niko for their helpful tutorials they posted on Youtube!

Stankdog's Moustache | Bubz

Wow!  8) Judging by the screenshot, this looks like it's going to be a blast to ride! Downloading it now - can't wait!!  :D
P2 in 2020 "Let's Ride PW Chip" | On a 2 stroke all season!
P3 in 2020 "Big Bark Chip" | #2StrokeNation
P4 in 2020 "Let's Ride Supercross" | 250 barkin' all season


I'm actually really happy that you've decided to upload despite it being uploaded by another just cause there's a huge selection of tracks I cant download cause of the download link not working or me not having the proper program to download it so a huge thanks from me.


February 21, 2020, 02:44:07 AM #3 Last Edit: February 21, 2020, 02:47:02 AM by A17Zazueta
IF the file is a PKZ you can Right click on it and Rename it.
Example Sandiago2.Pkz  --> Sandiago2.rar
sandiago2.Rar --> sandiago.Pkz
i had this problem at first with some tracks also, then i tried renaming it and it worked.
I truly hope this works for you


found out that my comp was trying to open the file in a program I didn't have instead of showing me the file in a folder that I downloaded all I hadda do was go to downloads view in folder what I downloaded grab the pkz and drag to mods track folder and all was solved.