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MX Bikes beta16b available! :)


Started by PiBoSo, January 22, 2014, 11:09:28 PM

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I'm sure you know this already. But there's quite a bit of dyno charts, specs, etc in a lot of the MX magazines.


I can't even imagine how much time it takes to get the physics engine of a motocross game/sim to work similar to how it does in real life. I'm just stoked that something is in development in general. Always love the idea of any kind of new moto game!


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Quote from: PiBoSo on May 06, 2014, 11:34:51 PM
Problem is, developing an MX sim is the final challenge of any sim programmer.
A car simulator, in comparison, is a pathetic toy for noobs.

hehe thats why we have 1000 car sims and just 2 mx sims(with mxb)

hope u learn much from coding mxb where is good for gpb.

also on a mx and enduro the rider is much more importand then on any other motorcycle


Piboso or Snappe is it possible to get the paint file from the bike?

i want to do 3-4 skins


Yeh this would be cool, I've asked a couple of times but ain't heard anything. Piboso can you give us an update on development?
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Quote from: pulse on May 06, 2014, 10:44:01 PM
when can the DEVS stop beating around the bush. and give us a actual Date?


Quote from: Alby46 on May 07, 2014, 06:02:50 PM
Quote from: pulse on May 06, 2014, 10:44:01 PM
when can the DEVS stop beating around the bush. and give us a actual Date?

You forgot to remove the '=' ;)




well can you give us a certain percentage of progress your at. so we have a idea? 1-100% of alpha stage


Damn. Everyone is in a hurry. Lol.


Quote from: Reaper on May 08, 2014, 03:26:15 AM
Damn. Everyone is in a hurry. Lol.

Yeah idk why. I mean I'm really super excited just to play something, but idc when it comes out lol
Quote from: PiBoSoIt's actually an ambitious project, and at some point, hopefully sooner than later, it will show its full potential.


here's a question:

do you plan to add filters to sounds to make them different depending on the camera position?
i mean, the muffled sound you hear when wearing the helmet, or the typical muted sound created by the gopro case?


I have some concerns about online. What sort of safeguards are planned for multiplayer racing? Concerns for me include track cutting, time penalties, fast lap checks, and bike movements before gate drops. So far, from my experience MXS has done the best job and MXGP has done the worst. Let me explain my concerns:
1. Track cutting - how will this be handled? In mxs if you cut a corner, a time penalty will be added to your final time at end of race and your final position adjusted for penalties. (See fast lap times below for more.)

2. Fast Laps - Not sure if this game will keep records of fast laps on a track like mxs does or not. If so, like in MXS, I suggest disqualifying any lap where rider cut a corner. Just look to MXGP game where track cutting has allowed for laps 20-30 seconds quicker than possible.

3. Movement at the gate - MXS has failed on this. Just the other night a dumbass tipped his bike over at the gate pushing 2 other bikes including mine. I was penalized 15 seconds at start. MXS also allows bikes to back up at start gate further back then original start position. I would prefer something similar to MX vs ATV that allows us to time the gate, but not allow fricken bikes to be knocked over. MXS also used to allow players to jump the gate 5 seconds before gate drop allowing them to race ahead so this should be a concern as well.

Ive not seen this discussed in depth or explained and since no video of how online will work has been discussed either, I thought my frustrations with other games needed to be written.   


There will be fast laps. You make the track boundaries in the Tracked program that keep people from track cutting. I don't how how the penalty system will work though.


I actually have a question! In an online race when a faster rider is approaching will there be a warning?