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July 07, 2020, 08:00:34 AM


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replay getting cut earlier on electric bikes

Started by JNS47, March 15, 2020, 04:23:19 AM

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Wasn't sure if I should report this, because it seems strange to me, that it's behaving like that. But since I don't know anything about the code, it may really be a bug.

When riding some time on testing (I haven't tried multiplayer yet) and then going to replay, there is a bit removed from start on.
I know, thats how it should be to save resources, but on electric bikes that cutoff happens earlier. Sometimes you can't even replay a whole lap.

I didn't believe it would be just the electric bikes, I guess replay shouldn't differ upon engine type. After many tests, however, the result was that the bug just occured on the Alta bikes only (MX1 OEM and MX2 OEM). I also tried two tracks, MXB Club and SX20 San Diego. again: only the electric bikes.
When going back to the pit the start time - unlike when just starting a new track, where it first keeps on 0:00 as start for a while - increases directly.

Tried verifying my game files, just replaced 1 file (my UI, which I've changed. sad. lol)
Since this bug (if it really is one) is probably hard coded and not a setting for the bike mod, I chose to report it here.

here's a video, so you can see what I mean:

To prove that I did nothing different on the Alta bikes, here's the uncut version:

there are pinned comments with timestamps.

Probably I've spent too much time on this. lol