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August 07, 2020, 06:16:10 AM


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Track Editing Question - Heightmap Spikes

Started by shano, February 13, 2020, 05:00:41 AM

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Hello everyone,

  Been enjoying MXB a lot over the last month.  I used to make replica SX tracks for an old custom physics mod for MXvsATV and I thought it'd be fun to try and get some tracks made for MXB.  I've spent the last week watching video tutorials / reading the wiki and to be honest, I am not enjoying the track building process for MXB.   Before I walk away I wanted to ask here if there is a simple answer to my current problem.

  When I test my track in-game the jumps and textures show up as expected, however, there are spikes sticking up all over the track.  My heightmap is very basic, just a black background and a few jumps from the example track heightmap.  Has this happened to anyone else and do you know how to fix it? 

  I should mention I used photoshop to build and save my heightmaps.  Mode -> Grayscale -> 16bit/channel saved as RAW -> IBM PC.  Thanks everyone for input, hope to be able to continue on.


If it ever worked and then didn't, delete your deformation file.

You can try in game by resetting deformation from the menu, or you can physically delete the file associated with the track from your documents profile track folder.


Hey Shano, welcome to the group!

As TFC has already covered, thankfully your problem is very simple to fix. You just need to load your track ingame but press the 'Reset Track' button on the Track Info screen before leaving the pits.

The spikes are just an artifact from the last time you ran the track and created deformation ruts with your bike before recompiling it.

iNsane | WW

First off, welcome! And nice to see someone new picking up the challenge to create tracks.

There's a slight difference between spikes and spikes all over.

You should not use pitch black as lowest. Start your heightmaps at ~10% white, so the deformation has room to work.

If it's really spiked up all over the place, you've probably saved it wrong.

Not sure if it's 16bit or 8bit greyscaled, you should check that out.

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Thanks everyone for providing feedback.  Sure enough it was just hitting the reset track button.  Now I can get to the fun part and start making the track match the race.

Another silly thing is my track mask is not lined up with the heightmap.  It's resized to 2048x2048 but it's not clear why it is offset slightly.  Any quick tips to fix that?

Thanks everyone!


I'm coming up with blanks on that one.  I would suggest overlaying the two image files in Photoshop and clicking between them. Basically the heightmap should always be +1 pixel at each side (eg 4097 heightmap with a 4096 track mask)


But the image ratio is the same. Take your heightmap and resize it to the same as your mask I.e 2048 x 2048 or 1024 x 1024 or whatever, get it as an image in Gimp or ps, then do as rainey says and paste the mask into a new layer. See how it matches up.