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September 22, 2020, 11:20:06 PM


MX Bikes beta14e available! :)

WIP Yamaha YZ465 (1980)

Started by Jughaid, November 29, 2019, 01:38:25 AM

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Yamaha's big bore motocrosser from 1980/81.

A big thanks to all the guys who do tutorials and answer questions on the forums- I've had a lot of questions for the search engines and made it this far.  Still got a long way to go but I thought I'd share a video and a couple of screen shots of where I'm up to...




Looks amazing!! cant wait for release


That's very cool to see! Good job.


Looks good, but we need some 500cc 2 stroke sounds
R.I.P Devin J. Rankin



Whaaat?! That is perfect!
Geometry and suspension will be real on the bike? I had idea about making vintage track, when there will be more of these classic bikes.
Looking forward to try, good job!



Thanks for the comments- like I said before I couldn't have worked it out without the tutorials and information on the forums!

I had a go at doing the sound for it but it's kind of hard to get right- I got some ok idle and low sounds off my IT 465 but it takes longer than my neighbours could tolerate to warm up properly to get a decent top end sound.  I'm guessing but I don't think an IT revs like a YZ anyway.  I'll try again just as soon as the bush stops burning, which could be next winter...

I'd really like to get the physics right, that's on the list right after trying to build a track and working out the animation for a twin shock, and getting a helmet model would be in there too. 



can't wait for the release :D seems nice :D


any update on how it's going? can't wait to rip it up!