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Ruub's Control Settings Video??

Started by AZDesertRat, March 03, 2020, 11:34:54 PM

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CBM Racing

I think it is just how you started to learn the game in the beginning whether you use it or not. I find sometimes I use it to weight the outer peg and others I use it to lean harder into a tight turn. Its all personal preference but in a simulator, you should be able to move the rider's body not just the bike. I just wish there was a setting to have your rider sit closer or further from the gas tank by default like MXSim has. Not all Riders sit directly in the center of the bike. In real life, I ride like RV2 I steer with the Rear Wheel so I naturally sit closer to the tank and its hard when you are in the middle of a Race to just slightly hold the stick forward everywhere.

CBM Racing

Quote from: AZDesertRat on March 03, 2020, 11:34:54 PMRuubs,

Since you're one of the best MXB riders I've seen I have to ask, what's the deal with the Rider L/R Lean being mapped to number pad 4 & 6 keys in your YouTube video? Do you have these mapped to specific buttons on your controller, perhaps Xbox Elite??  Just wondering if maybe digital input helps in some way with the 80% min/max smoothing setting (38 sec of video) to get quicker response or something.



If you take an hour or two to test out all of those advanced settings you can change a lot. For instance, you can change the Front Brake so when you pull the trigger in all the way you are not braking as hard as the game allows or if you use combined brakes you can change when the rear brake starts to kick in and how much pressure you put on it. It is pretty interesting if you want to take the time to go through all the settings and keep a record of what they all do. There are a ton of combinations you can adjust.


My settings have changed a bit for B14.

In B14 I actually do use left/right rider lean because it makes the game a lot better. Way less slide outs and can power out of corners faster when using left/right rider lean.
Where in B13 I didn't use the rear brake once, I have to use it now on off camber turns and when braking on the face of a corner-jump.

For my left/right rider lean I do use a dead zone of 25% though. I don't want to accidentally lean the rider left or right when im just trying to lean forward.