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MX Bikes beta15d available! :)

The Gravel Pit v.1

Started by 𝖙𝖋𝖈, October 22, 2014, 09:43:33 AM

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Hey  :D

Here is my first released track (not first made)

Wanted to make something that didn't really need objects as I really made it as a track to learn advanced texturing on such as normals masks and getting them right, so you got nothing but rock, stoney sand and compact track surface. Supposed to have that kind of locally made feel while also being race-able, so you got gates / pits etc.. Got big jumps and elevation changes, but it's not 100% perfect..

The ruts look OK, they are tire tracks with normal maps and you do notice them on lips and going slow, but I know they don't look too great on corners, I tried having the ruts mask twice the size but it really started slowing the game down and didn't really help, need to find a new way to do those!

Hope you guys like it!

Get it on Sim Races - http://www.simraces.com/MXB/MXBTrackDepot
Direct Download - http://www.simraces.com/MXB/Download?fileLocation=%2FTracks%2Fgravelpit.zip



Track has been added on dedicated server Motonline-fr 5 :)

Thanks for your job :)

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Thanks, and thanks Alibaskins, although I tried to run some laps earlier and got connection timeout  :(


The track is great, it's missing the timing. At one point, one always crashes just before the jump and comes only with very many attempts it. But it will be better in the next release determined. ;)


Thanks Geo, think I probably need to release a v2 huh lol


Looks pretty realistic if you ask me.


Thanks for the track, looks great.
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Tip: You should rename the .zip to .pkz, then people can just drop that into their tracks folder.


Quote from: Snappe on October 29, 2014, 05:48:54 PM
Tip: You should rename the .zip to .pkz, then people can just drop that into their tracks folder.

I must have missed this.. Thanks for the tip  ;)


Mind reuploading to mediafire or something? simraces is closed now



The links for the track seem to point to a pretty much dead site :(

I downloaded this last week though :( what happened ?

Any chance someone could link me to it somewhere ?



I will upload somewhere else at some point, I'm currently learning objects though so once I've got them figured - might just skip and release a v2. I know there are some race timing problems with the current version and I have a couple of tracks waiting to release before I start that!..

Nice find damien!