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August 11, 2020, 06:36:32 PM


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track scaling

Started by ManimalMonster, March 15, 2020, 09:22:06 AM

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hello, I am new to mx bikes track building. I have watched TFC's series on creating replica tracks. I am trying to build a track from a blank heightmap on L3DT, but I can never get the scaling right, berms, jumps, whoops. Either all too small, big, etcetera. On L3DT the track looks flawless until it loads in game. Has anyone encountered this problem, or have any advice? I feel if I can get this down, I can release some enjoyable tracks, as I build tracks IRL.

Thank you.   

Resolute Kraken

Post some screen shots of your scale settings in L3DT and your scale settings in the tht and hmf files.


It's always tough when doing a fantasy track.. my advice would be to make a track path texture on a flat heightmap and get it in game. Make sure you're happy with the width of the track in game and that way you have one constant to work from.

You should also note that MXB interprets the heightmap in it's own scaling, so if your scale in MXB is say 10m, and you make a huge hill that's 50m high, unless you update the scale in the HMF and THT files it will squash that 50m hill down to 10m. To mitigate this you should probably draw one white dot and one black dot on a 30% grey heightmap. You can then load that into L3DT along with the texture and make sure your white dot (peak) is as high as you want the highest point. That way, you can set the scale from the start for height and everything you do in L3DT will always come out the same height.

Hope that helps.