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August 11, 2020, 06:40:19 PM


MX Bikes beta14e available! :)

Throttle increase

Started by jirka63, March 24, 2020, 09:14:20 AM

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Hello fellow riders,

First of all, thanks devs for this game.. It is trully.. Motocross!

I have question for veteran MX BIKES riders.
I am in the middle of project which I will show to all of you when it will be in better state than now. For now it is very WIP. But I need some help.
Can you give me advices how to set ingame values for example for Throttle, (I think I will use same method on other functions as well) As you can see on pictures below?


My intention

If anyone would like to help me and let me consult some things about game mechanisms, I would be really happy.. And maybe I will leak some photos of my master plan  ;) :D


The linearity setting will achieve what you're looking for.


Thanks, I will try to move it and hopefuly I can get what I need.

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Hows your project coming along? I am very interested to see what you have come up with. They make these little interchangeable parts for your throttle tube called "Throttle Cams" which change the cable pull depending on what type of dirt your riding on and from your picture it seems like that's what your trying to achieve. I have done something similar in the advanced throttle settings but you can only do so much there. I use these IRL one of the first items I buy and I love them if you can find a way to mimick their actions that would be great!



Have you messed with the smoothing settings at all? I'm not sure it'll achieve exactly what you're looking for but it might get you started.

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Ya, I have messed with all of those settings they make such a huge difference! I was just curious if this is what jirka63 was trying to do with his project because that's one of the first things I buy you get a metal throttle tube anyway so it's worth it. But it's so hard to explain what a throttle cam does to most people that have never used them so I posted the videos of how they work to see if that was what he was going for. I actually have an XBOX Fusion controller it's like the Elite's little brother and I have switches on the back so I can change how the button reacts by moving the switches. Basically I can map my controller to have a slow medium or fast throttle response with a click of a switch. It was well worth the $80 everyone that plays this game should get one because it also gives you 4 triggers in the back so you never have to take your finger off of one button to press another one. But thanks for seeing if I needed the help that is apreciated!  ;D  ;D


Hey guys and thanks for your interest.
I have been inpired by teeds "simulator" - handlebars to play the game. And I moved it little bit more forward.

I made full bike from old frame and I am slowly adding all the components. So far I have throttle, front brak (which I use like combined for now), shifting and steering. My next steps are clutch, rear brake, button uder the seat to indicate sitting and standing and few buttons so I can tearoff, look back, reset etc. But most interesting is mechanism I will put under the bike and it will be possible to lean F/B and L/R.

My question regarding the throttle increase is exactly what is shown on CBS videos, but I would like to rather do it in software and not buying more accessories, at least for now.. Maybe when whole "controller" will be ready.

See pic bellow, so far it is very WIP, but everything works as it should and it is possible to ride ingame.

Now I am little bit stuck, because I have 1 month old daughter, but I have plan to finish this project by the end of the summer.


Looks great. I'm sure that most, like me, would like to see a vid of that in action  :D

So for bike steering do you rotate the bars?

Also if you use an MX throttle you can easily mod it to be able to adjust the throttle rotation, currently I just have a bit of wood in there as a stop for it but you could use a bolt to make it adjustable if needed.
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For now it is only possible to steer by rotating bars. (like your handlebars teeds) But as I said, in future there will be mechanism under the main frame, so you can move freely with whole bike to all directions.

My vision is to have simulator-like machine with sitting in corners, leaning the bike to turn etc.

Software side is done, now I need to complete mechanical parts and then software details.

I can post some visualization of under-bike mechanism later today.


May 13, 2020, 08:47:53 PM #9 Last Edit: May 13, 2020, 08:56:56 PM by jirka63
So here is the main thing!
It will be fixed between frame and stand.

It will rotate in two axes as you can see. Upper - front/back, lower - left/right. There will be springs which will hold everything in center and you will have to move weight to do something.

I came with this idea in last beta where rider leaning ingame was not necessary to use.. so.. I do not have a idea how could I implemented it. Any ideas?


Maybe you could combine the inputs from both the bike lean and steering inputs to get full lock?

Also hope you've got a big base to stop that falling on ya when you crank it over   :)
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Quote from: teeds on May 14, 2020, 06:01:31 PMMaybe you could combine the inputs from both the bike lean and steering inputs to get full lock?

Also hope you've got a big base to stop that falling on ya when you crank it over   :)

I was thinking about combining these two inputs for steering, but I am not sure how to implement rider lean... I might not use it at all. How did you solve this on your simulator?

Yes I have 2x2 meters base :)


I've tried the body leaning with VR but it's not for me yet, so I still just use buttons.
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