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September 18, 2020, 10:23:55 PM


MX Bikes beta14e available! :)

{W.I.P} Retro Bikes

Started by Gin, March 27, 2020, 03:22:12 PM

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When will we be getting these beast?



Ok man but good work also thanks for the reply



Okay so I just want to make this really quick update on where we're at with these retro bikes. So to start it off, I have been optimizing these bike models for the game. They were not optimized at first; they were too high poly but now I'm making them all low poly enough so that they can be put into the game. I have optimized at least the Honda's and the KTM. I'm moving on to the Kawasaki's and the rest of them as we speak. I've heard that some of you were asking people everyday about these bikes which is really unnecessary because they're probably not going to come for a little while now especially since insane went away on this vacation for 3-4 weeks, so that kind of holds the process of these bikes but I'm still trying to do my part in this. Just wait patiently for these, I know people are excited I mean I am too but you don't have to ask you everyday about when these bikes are coming out they're going to come out eventually. That's all i wanted to say I did make a update video as well if you want to watch that, it has some more information about this


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These still test bikes so I can see how big I need to make stuff, these are not going to be in the game(the test bikes).I am still Optimizing the rest of the bikes. I just wanted to show you guys what they look like in MX bikes or what they're going to kind of look like. Oh and another side note these are not all the Retro bikes, these are just some of the Retro bikes. I have optimized almost all of them except for maybe if like six or seven maybe like nine bikes I still have a lot to got but after that i'm pretty much have to just wait for insane to get back and then we can start up the next process from there but yeah these are not all there by such as some bikes that I've shown you I didn't do test bikes for all of them, only did it for some of them



Here's all the skins i made for the hondas over time


When its released any chance of a psd? Im thinking of making a Danny Hamel bike.


Quote from: Butters232 on August 08, 2020, 02:38:49 AMWhen its released any chance of a psd? Im thinking of making a Danny Hamel bike.
Yea the psds will come out at the same time


- Another Quick Update -

Date: September 2, 2020

Not going to be modeling for a while.
Kind of got burned out on making these bikes.
And school started for me so I cant focus on this 100%.
But I have finished the yz and Suzuki so whenever we put the bikes into the game.
Every bike except for the husky and the tm will be in there.
I will finish them someday, really don't know yet.