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August 13, 2020, 01:10:52 AM


MX Bikes beta14e available! :)

MX Bikes beta14 - Phyiscs Poll

Started by iNsane | WW, April 06, 2020, 02:50:18 PM

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Motoqueiro Fantasma

Quote from: Asdrael on April 07, 2020, 09:16:42 AMCBM has a point, it's mostly the newer people having a problem with the physics change. The "vets" have seen so many changes, we just ride them out and try to provide objective feedback because this is still an early access beta.

Sorry to say it again but b13 was easy mode. Grip was way too high, hell you could lean with brakes fully on with no issues and you couldn't even get a proper wheel spin with a race start. Now you have to balance your weight and play with the bike throttle and brakes more carefully to keep the grip... Is it perfect? I don't think so. Is it more fun and realistic than before? Hell yeah.

Hoh and check your bike setup, the stock bikes have awful stock setup.

I agree with you Asdrael, before the rider ingame act like was in asphalt, much grip to almost touch the bar everytime doing a lean.
Now negative curves like Winchester needs to be in right gear and working more with body, less with bike lean itself, great feeling as caution irl.
Although 450xf and 350xf seems too dangerous rn... excessive spinning in the back wheel forcing you drop rpm to much lower after the apex. 250xf doing fine at this. Keep it up PiBoSo!


Like others, I too am having issues with the front end washing out. I only have a few hundred hours in, so compared to most on the board I guess I would fall into the category of "noob".  :)

It actually seems ok until I burn through the first few layers of soft soil...once I get down to the soil/compact soil I am washing out much more often in turns. This is without applying any throttle. The front wheel feels lighter to me than the last Beta.

With that said, I love the new whip and the new suspension feels awesome!


April 09, 2020, 05:40:00 AM #17 Last Edit: April 09, 2020, 05:42:44 AM by holtergeist
i just want to add that i enjoyed the more "free" and movable feeling of the rider in the previous beta. i feel like my rider lean is restricted and maybe a bit sluggish. of course, i have lost the front end here and there but it hasnt been a major issue for me. i would recommend  maybe adding some more details as to what the specific suspension settings do...other than just softer and more reaction.

i really do not like the engine feeling and overall feeling of the MSM models and i truly belive the next OEM's will make the latest updates come to life even more. at the same time, i also feel that if everything were to stay the same as they are right this second, it would eventually feel normal to me like beta 13 did.

the suspension and in air whips, with bike lock enabled or disabled, is a major major major improvement. I am overall happy with the update and i voted "better than before but still needs work" because i feel like this beta gave me a taste of what Piboso and friends can really bring to the game, since with beta13 i couldnt imagine how it would get better other than fixing rear end bounce. now i see where he is going and i like it.

everyone is entitled to there opinion but with certain arcade motocross games going to shit, i can only assume its from so much feedback from all ends of the spectrum. so with that being said i would encourage anyone playing to really think about what your criticism is for the game. is it you? have you just not become acclimated to the new changes? or do you really feel that negatively about it?

many aspects of how i feel are subject to change the more i play

also, i feel the terrain sound in sand and some dirt seems a bit cheesy to me. just seems off. also, i think it would be nice to be able to see a little bit more of the handlebars without feeling like you're in the riders chest. i want to feel like im eye level and the hand comes up to the screen when pulling tearoffs.

again, physics feel good but the rider seems a bit sluggish when using "rider lean" from left to right.
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I still feel that there has always been something fundamentally wrong with the way the bike/tires interact with the ground. It still has never been fixed.
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For me it is great improvement.

I am not good at talking about details I like while riding (real bike or game), but I really like new suspension - I can ride a lot faster then in previous betas. Bike feel heavier, before it was too powerful and light weight. Now it is great ratio between these two values.

I think this update was good improvement, the front wheel washing not seems like big problem for me - you need to be patient and taking berms and ruts carefuly.

Keep up the great work Piboso and team!!


after even more playing, and yes with the MSM bikes, i truly feel that the update to physics is 100% good. again, and i know i say this alot, but to the people who are struggling with liking the newer physics, in beta13 did you use rider lean/rider forward/back often? i feel this update it is much more important to ride the bike "correctly". in motocross (im going to generalize here) when cornering, the rider is mostly only neutral on the bike when the wheels have something to support the bike like a rut or a berm. when cornering on flat or corners that do not give the bike support, most of the time the body is moving outward and putting weight on top of the bike. i think the physics changes are pushing the player to simulate this in game. i am honestly not having any real problems with the front end knifing and i can say that i fall quite a bit less than i did in beta 13 because the bike can get much lower in corners without that weird crash the game would give you sometimes. also, for the times i have knifed and fallen, i think my approach to the corner was incorrect, ive noticed myself leaning forward WHILE weighting the outside peg on flat corners and in ruts/berms ive been leaning back as well. and bike setup? i dont think ive even scratched the surface yet.

the ability to get over the bars and put the riders weight over the front end is much improved as well. not just on faces of jumps but for landings as well when you want to land say to flat and get over the front of the bike to accelerate.

i wonder if some of the issues people are having, and the things they dont like about the update is due to the MSM bikes and how they feel overall. and i say that because when i play beta 14 with the OEM bikes, i think every aspect of gameplay is much easier compared to 13 and i honestly dont see where the complaints are if people are (even tho we know we arent supposed to) judging the update based on OEM bikes.

assuming all complaints of front end knifing and physics issues are in fact based on experience with MSM bikes...i simply dont understand such comments referring to having to "learn the game over again" and things like that. i dont feel the physics change was enough for someone who has a "pro/pro am" skill level to even really have many complaints. i believe Piboso is trying to create a game where you have to use all aspects of control in order to ride fast and thats including rider lean left/right and forward backward. notice the rider animation improvement for leaning forward and backward.

lastly, i had to go back into my advanced settings for my inputs and change most of my settings compared to what i was running in beta13 and to me thats to be expected and makes sense. once i did that, i got my feel back and i felt right at home with the game again, allowing me to feel the physics changess and enjoy them.

for what its worth, i really hope nothing gets changed back towards what beta13 offered. in fact, ive debated changing my vote to "its perfect"....thats how much i like beta14.
"hole-shot, pin-it, knock everybody down, go through the second corner, come out in front" -TP199


Quote from: iNsane | WeekendWarriors on April 06, 2020, 02:54:57 PMI'll start as always

Option: Great Improvement

In my opinion and after riding the MSM 250xf for around 3 hours and playing around with the camera settings (both locked, unlocked; changing the FOV/pitch/...) I started to really like the new physics and bike behaviour in general. Whips feel awesome, the bouncyness got way better, if you case a jump you actually get punished for it and your front washes out/you fall. In b13c it was really forgiving if you case jumps but this wasn't the real deal, IMO.

Cornering feels great too, I still can try to drag bars but you have to get used to the fact that you can't rocket out of a corner anymore really. The grip has been a bit reduced which makes the game feel greatly better and more realistic. The usage of rider weight became a very important task to do when trying to get fast, this is great.

I am confused about the OEM bikes not working, I have Assen, so I believe the game is running in beta 14, but I am still able to use the OEM bikes with no issues? What am I missing here?

iNsane | WW

Sure you can use them but a lot of values have changed. Yet this is not the topic to ask for OEMs.

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After having more time on the seat..the only thing that still bugs me is the over jump crashing. I fully expect to bottom out and feel like a brick after skying a big jump to flat but it seems that the margin of error may be just a bit too small, overall. I have figured out the front end deal and the more I ride, the more I notice things that are good and have been noticing myself thinking "that'd be a move you'd see/do on a real bike"


I find leaning back on landing helps with overjumps... Even better if you land nose-high and then lean back to soak up the impact