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ive stopped 9 tracks i had ready for release, till front end issue is fixed.

Started by tucko, April 07, 2020, 12:01:25 AM

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front end lock and wash out issue is so bad half the tracks ive built are unplayable due to corners no longer having any grip, insides have become pointless as the front end locks and you crash even at 1st gear speed. until the issue is fixed ive suspended all my mx bikes work. hope this is fixed ASAP as another 9 months for a new beta i will be done playing for good.


that really sucks to hear your tracks are some of my favorites :-\ 


Hey tucko, I think it is a real shame you want to give up so fast man. It also sucks because your tracks are popular and it would really suck that you don't want to release your work anymore as most of us have played the game a long time and kinda knowhow to handle a new build, may I suggest giving the game a bit more time and maybe you will get used to the changes and better your riding btw PiBoSo always comes through with a Patch if needed and as many people point out the same issue I'm sure he will address it pretty fast but I can not speak for the team I can only speak from past experience, so hang in there Bud and if you're not interested in this build it would be cool if you graced the rest of the community with your awesome work because I for one enjoy the hell out of your stuff so far.
I didn't lose the race, I ran out of laps.


tucko, set your spring rates and preload in order to have 30/60 sag at the front, and 35/105 at the rear.
Then shut up and keep doing your awesome tracks ;)

(it seems piboso forget to set his bike properly after the changes he made)


ill have a new track out soon based on this build of the game, im still unhappy with the front end, hopes that it see improvement other wise the tracks are near impossible to ride. i understand what alot of you are saying but you dont build tracks, its not as simple as "just get used to the new beta" tracks are built with idea of where traction is gained and lost, with many corners having positive angles your front end seems to wash even at slow speeds, ive tried to change some tracks but as insane said, its not worth changing them for the current build as the new oems will most likely have more power, and a stable stock set up. i hope people understand ive spent weeks on these tracks and to change them would only leave me discouraged. thank you guys, WoodFordMX from jamestwown, MN will be out very soon! this track will be something im throwing together in a day or two, i just want to see the changes in building from beta 13 and beta 14.