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June 05, 2020, 10:26:54 AM


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CTD on Bike Selection of Modded Bike

Started by Resolute Kraken, April 26, 2020, 07:16:18 PM

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Resolute Kraken

This started happening randomly with Beta 14, still happens in Beta 14b.  When I have a modded bike selected previously and try to go to the Bike screen to select a new one the game will CTD immediately.  If I had previously selected an MSM bike, it would let me get to the Bike selection screen but then will CTD as soon as I select the category to display the modded bikes. 

To fix this most times, I remove all bikes from my mods/Bike folder, restart the game, close it, the re-add the bikes.  It will then let me select them - most of the time.  Yesterday it would not work no matter what I did.  I tried uninstalling and re-installing game, didn't work.  Tried different mod bikes, didn't work.  Deleted all set-ups, replays, records, etc.  Didn't work.  I just kept trying the same thing by starting without a modded bike then adding it back and then it randomly worked one time.

Any idea what causes this?


Tried removing the Piboso folder leaving just your license file?
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Resolute Kraken

Not yet, only deleting most things from all the folders within it.  I'll try that next time it happens, but it is still random that it works sometimes by simply  removing the modded bike folders then adding them back - so maybe something isn't getting written correctly to someplace in the profile and the error handling isn't catching it.