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June 02, 2020, 08:17:40 PM


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Dirt layers reinvented

Started by giopanda, April 29, 2020, 10:25:42 PM

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So I was chatting with iNsane on discord and we both came up with this idea/suggestion about dirt layers.

So far every model in game should have its own layers, so both the mask quality and the dirt texture/material are left to the modder taste.
The problem with this is that basically everyone use their own textures, with the end result that when we ride every piece of gear gets dirty with different soil materials.

So here's the idea:
Why not having the track maker to decide those textures?
Maybe for every dirt textures used in the track there could be a suffix or prefix meaning that those textures are to be used as dirt layers, so the modder only has to add to his models the 3 layers masks that will mix with the track textures.
This would lead to consistent dirt, but different for each track, for a better look.

Or, a much more easier one, could be using the same technique used with the roost:
The model will have the same requirement as today, but the layers will be in greyscale so the track modder has to input the rgb values for the dirt layers the same way he can do with the roost.

Sorry for being so long, I know there must have been a quicker way to explain but here it is.

Resolute Kraken

I agree. I think this would be a good idea especially if the track make could simply set the colors that should be used.  For most tracks this would work fine if there are only 1 main texture color.  For other places it still might not make sense like my Erzberg where I have 14 different textures.  If the settings could be linked to each terrain texture and then as you ride over that particular terrain it would use that that color to lay on the bike.