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June 05, 2020, 11:09:54 AM


MX Bikes beta14d available! :)

Bad Salzungen, Germany

Started by patterick247, May 02, 2020, 01:32:57 AM

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Hi Guys!

I made this replica of a local track in Thuringia, Germany.
It's the first time for me making something like this, I really really hope you like it.

Feel free to leave some feedback!

Big thanks to tfc and Nico Mouk for their tutorial series on youTube, as well as giopanda for his trees!
Also thanks to PiBoSo for making this game as awesome as it is.

Track Pics:
Screenshot (5).png
Screenshot (10).png


iNsane | WW

Arschgeile Nummer, werde ich die Tage Mal probe fahren :)

Congrats on your first release! Always nice to see new content creators for the game, keep up the work and focus on improving 💪

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