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June 05, 2020, 12:27:57 PM


MX Bikes beta14d available! :)

ktm 2 stroke cooper weeb edition limited redbull straight rhytm

Started by conceptgraffmxs, May 14, 2020, 05:47:47 PM

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hey guys release this graphic for

_125 sx no number

_150 sx no number

_250 sx no number 

_250 sx #2 replica weeb

link : https://mega.nz/file/0JNlzCyY#OMJnfVBVpQFLBSVYUY_3Ra5zSUus56dxjRfIxKyUCAY


Awesome job, looks great! I also think a McGrath version would've been sick but the Webb graphics are already pretty damn close haha.