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Video - Got Ruts?

Started by 𝖙𝖋𝖈, October 30, 2014, 06:37:07 PM

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So - I don't wanna give the game away just yet although I'm sure some of the guys with track making knowledge will figure it out straight away...

Something occurred to me the other day, I gave it a try on a new track I'm working on and it worked beautifully. Spent a LOT of time trying to make good ruts with normals and basically gave up because it was never going to look good. So here you go - the new method. What do you guys think?

Be sure to crank the quality up!  8)



i never can see any of your videos, always get the message

Dieses Video ist nicht verf├╝gbar.
Das tut uns leid.

the video is not aviable
we are sorry




same here, second link also does not work


Could be the music. Germany has strict policy.
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Really strange because it works for kamloops, but I cant find it by searching or on the YouTube app. I don't think it's music related, I normally get a message when that happens but I could be wrong. Wow.. sorry then- if it's still not working tomorrow I'll just upload a lap with game sounds


wow, man you really got that sucker nailed! good job Fats! Nice video mate ;)
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normal when i cant watch a video because of music, youtube tell me its a "gema" problem


Uhh that looks so damn good. Do the ruts ride good? Also, that track looks like entirely too much fun.


I remember the track in that sneak peek video of the pre-release version. Is that track around in some form? Was it Practice Track?
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wow nice ruts. with chrome stealthy the video works


Looks really cool! cant wait to see this game a year from now! I have one suggestion/critique on your tracks thus far. The layouts are enjoyable, the scale is spot on...but the landings on the double/triple style jumps are too sharp. Reminds me a bit of MTX Mototrax style jumps. Your smaller singles and the tabletops have nice flowing landings with more of a smooth transition. The doubles and such are very unforgiving and are annoying to roll if you make a mistake. Other than that, keep up the great work my friend!  8) :D


Just to answer a couple of the questions,  the track rides great, the ruts don't really add or take away anything from the ride, they are really more of an experiment to make a better looking track. There are key ruts that are noticeable to aim for.

Im not sure what you mean cdub, do you mean they are too flat? Not enough incline? Its a real delicate balance in this game so far. Too steep and too tall and they are impossible. I've tried to model my landings on mxgp tracks where its more of a big long open landing section which can take big jumps or small. But thanks for the feedback :)

I dunno Pizza it did look good whatever it was. It looks more like maryland than the example or practice track but I think it was probably an un released tester. Maybe pib will turn it loose?

Anyway track is pretty much done, texture is 90% done and objects will be in progress soon thanks to some help, so hopefully not much longer!


I just meant that the landings on the doubles are very triangular and sharp verses a more natural landing as in real life. Not a huge deal just a critique. Great job can't wait to spin some laps on it!