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MX Bikes beta15d available! :)

Thursday Night Motocross (PIR)

Started by 𝖙𝖋𝖈, November 01, 2014, 08:41:51 AM

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Damn Fats, reallly hit that out of the park mate. :) looking forward to riding it.
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Wow teeds / PizzaChet, thanks a lot guys!

Thanks Gdub, not far off mate!

Pizza you been holding out on me there? lol Thanks man really appreciate it. Looks like a clean up day?

teeds real help man, made this in an hour thanks to your video captures!

Think it looks about right. Need to get normals though as in game 2 of the faces are the same shade and it's hard to look at. Haven't tried normals on objects yet so that will be fun..

BOBR6 84

Good track for the future..

Hawkstone park uk.


Glad to help TFC, that models looking bob on m8.
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Quote from: TheFatController on December 15, 2014, 08:59:31 PMLooks like a clean up day?
It was PIR's Feb. 20 2010 Opening Day Celebration, so the MX track had been flattened by rain and not ridden on since the previous October. I don't know yet how to embed YouTube vids, but here's some footy.  http://youtu.be/WisRuYQVxY0
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Hey FatController,
How did you end up fixing the tree alpha issue? I'm running into the same thing.


I thought id fixed it but haven't. In fact its one thing holding things up.

In fact im confused about one thing, whn I open my texture in an editor that doesn't support alpha transparency the background is black, when I open say pibosos grassfx texture the background is green which I think might help. Not sure how to achieve this in gimp though, tried searching for tutoriala but cant find anything. Guess it's called alpha bleeding but I don't know how to stop it.


I ran into a similar issue in the unity engine a few years back on a game I was developing... Don't remember how I resolved it. I'll go back to my notes there and see if it applies here.


If you figure it out do let me know! Are you using sketchup?



So turns out it's not an alpha bleeding issue... It's an semi-transparent object sorting issue. The best explanation I could find:

"This is because the z-buffer makes the assumption that only one object will need to be drawn in any one pixel on the screen, in exchange for extremely fast sorting. Semi-transparent objects require multiple pixels to be drawn at the same point, and so they have to be drawn either before or after the rest of the image. Naturally, this produces some sorting errors, because per-pixel sorting, as found in the depth buffer, is not feasible."

Anyway... I'm not certain of an actual fix... Something I've done that helps is in the case of trees, giving the trunks separate textures than the leaves/branches. The trunks having no alphas in their textures. When I fixed it in unity... It was simply choosing a different transparency shader. Hope this helps... at least in searching for a solution.


Thanks for the info rc! I'll look in to this when I get some proper time to sit down and play.

Currently my trees are literally 2 x 2d planes with no trunk, so maybe adding the trunk, giving a unique texture and intersecting vertices with model might get them to play ball!

Thanks again bud.   :D



Quote from: Tmax94 on January 16, 2015, 10:22:49 PM
News ?

Nothing new at the moment. Work has been super busy the last two months, but looking like it should quiet down soon so will get back to it when I have a chance..