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Cahuilla Creek MX [WIP]

Started by BeefLilly247, June 12, 2020, 06:30:50 PM

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Hey everyone,

My name is Brandon. I go by Beef, it's been my nickname for my whole life. Anyway I've been playing MX bikes for a couple months now and I wanted to have a go at creating my first track. Big thanks to TFC for his tutorials on this topic! This is still a work in progress but I have the heightmap in a good place. I think it just needs some overall polish on the textures and adding some objects. (Which I have no idea how to do yet haha) Anyway, here is the onboard video of Cahuilla Creek MX in its current state. This track is located out in Anza, California and has been a favorite track of mine for 12 years! Let me know what you think!


looks like a fun track when do u plan to release?


Quote from: WestSideWill763 on June 12, 2020, 06:36:23 PMlooks like a fun track when do u plan to release?
I'm thinking I will finish this track over the next week. So 1 to 2 weeks!


Awesome! Glad to hear looking forward to rippin it.