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June 15, 2021, 03:47:06 PM


MX Bikes beta16b available! :)

MX Bikes beta14e

Started by PiBoSo, June 16, 2020, 11:25:43 PM

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MX Bikes beta14e available:

It is possible to download a patch at this link, to avoid having to re-download the whole installer:
To install it, simply overwrite the executable in the MX Bikes installation folder.

Full download:
( mirrors would be extremely helpful and welcome )


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Thanks for the update! Did you change the file structure for the MOD bikes? All of mine are now gone and I'm very sad... lol


you need to download the latest oem pack 14.3 and if you've got the 2 stroke sound mod packs you need to download them aswell


Thanks for the update! Much better slower speed... Maybe too good? I get some ungodly saves from some 90° swaps...
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Thank you for the work and dedication spent into this project, never thought this MX game someday could ever be my favourit... Just wish you could implement, in the next update, the use of the back brake to make the front wheel dive, after a jump! :)