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September 19, 2020, 02:01:52 AM


MX Bikes beta14e available! :)

3rd Person Distance & Height

Started by TM_Infidel, January 25, 2020, 10:40:34 AM

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Will 3rd person distance & height level adjustments be implemented soon same as there is for 1st person currently? ..I think it would be a very welcome option for those who prefer it.


To add, I'd also love to be able to adjust the FOV of the 3rd person camera.


I agree as well. And also give the option to pan the camera with a button. Its hard for me to get on the track without cutting someone off because I can only see forward.


What we need is a button that locks on to nearest player behind you on the centerline distance with your view. That way you can quickly see if you're in anyones way. For all views.


Is there any progress in the area of adjusting 3rd person view settings? (the bike and rider are just too big, adjusting this view would help handling abilities immensely imo).


I also love playing with the 3rd person view, it's other sensations, but no sensation of speed and you should be able to adjust the FOV, please, please;);) Thank you PIBOSO


Yeah 3rd person view need's more love :)

Compared 1st, 3rd per. speedsense is off bit. Feel's bit slower.
Ingame "Sv3n"


As TFC noted, FOV options for 3rd person is sorely needed.  Something else I've suggested before in a similar thread would be a camera effect to help give 3rd person better speed sensation.  Accelerate = camera moves slightly further away from bike, Brake = camera moves close to bike.  If done correctly, how hard you accelerate or brake would translate to zoom in/out rate.  A racing game that did this very well was Driveclub.  It gave the sensation of gear changes, acceleration and braking using the subtle camera effects.

Here's a video that shows exactly what I've tried to describe above.