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September 22, 2021, 11:40:59 AM


MX Bikes beta16b available! :)

East Side Mx Park Beta

Started by Vortex_Damien, November 22, 2014, 01:47:36 AM

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Hey guys. here is a beta of a track im working on.. still a ton to do just thought i would upload it to see what you guys think. only thing is base textures really not starting gate yet. have fun and leave your feedback!


Hey Vortex_Damien

I tried the track and i enjoyed it :)

I think its a good size, and i like the larger jumps compared to the stock practice track, and its easier to get around than stock maryland, so for a work in
progress track i think its really good :)

Thanks for making tracks btw, they are sorely needed :)


Thanks man! glad you enjoyed it.. i am going to be scaling the tables a bit down.  and as for tracks im going to be making a bunch ( getting back into track making, use to make a bunch for mx simulator.) this is mainly a test to see how scaling and shit works and figure out what style of the jumps work well with the physics and try and to get more realistic and eventually make replicas and stuff.


Sounds like a bloody good plan mate :)

I love the stock tracks, but the way the physics are at this moment its hard to practice getting a feel for the bike in the air, because the practice track doesn't have many big jumps at all, and maryland is to tight to ride consistently (for me anyway).

This is why I really like your track, because its better for getting the bike in the air :) so I can practice some scrubs etc :)

Like you said, some things need a bit of scaling down but its a fine start.

If you need anyone to test tracks before you put them up just email me r message me on here ok buddy :)


i actually updated that link. so if you redownload i scaled the jumps down and stuff fixed some of the berms up. rides alot better now!


Nice mate good start! looking forward to the finished track..  :D keep it up.