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June 21, 2024, 10:38:25 AM


MX Bikes beta18j available! :)

Resolute MXB Track Builder Helper - V.1.1.5 (Update June 29, 2023)

Started by Resolute Kraken, August 29, 2020, 09:52:17 PM

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Resolute Kraken

Welcome to the Resolute MXB Track Builder Helper application. 

I created this application to help MXB track builders to create valid text files that are needed for the tracks.  It will help new track builders avoid common mistakes and give experienced track builders a more streamlined build process.

Why waste your time struggling with common problems new track builders encounter when this tool can help you avoid a lot of the easy mistakes you will make?

Feature List:
  • Creates text files for: HMF, THT, AMB, SSC, INI, GFX, SHD.
  • Validates heightmap for Power of 2 (+1 pixel).
  • Validates textures and masks for correct format, Power of 2 dimensions, and needed alpha channels.
  • Allows for use of RAW and PNG for heightmap files.
  • Creates shader (SHD) files for your textures.
  • Import existing project files.
  • Uses the PiBoSo track tools in a central location - no need to copy them to each track project you have.
  • Allows for use of spaces in track folder names.
  • And many more useful features

Donations aren't expected but they sure do help motivate me to continue making MXB tracks and tools. If you've found this tool useful and would like to donate something for my time and future projects it would be greatly appreciated!

If you want support on this application please join my Discord server (https://discord.gg/zDbrhG4) and post in the #TRACK-BUILDER-HELPER channel.

This applications requires 64-bit Windows OS and at least .Net 4.7.2 framework.

The application currently supports English, German, Italian, French, and Spanish languages.  French and Spanish have not been validated by anyone yet.  If you would like to validate a translation in your own language, please contact me in the discord channel and I'll send you a file with the translation for you review and editing.

Download - MediaFire
User Manual - READ THIS!

Extract the downloaded ZIP file and run the Setup.exe to install.

Change Log

v.1.1.5 (06/29/2023)
  • Help menu link to MXB documentation.
  • Updated 3rd party libraries to latest versions.

v.1.1.4 (06/25/2022)
  • Bug fixes for SHD Editor - Spec Map and Environment Map settings.
  • Bug fix for 4K and rectangular PNG heightmap loading.
  • Bug fix for corrupt user settings not allowing application to start.
  • Check if last project file exists when trying to load.
  • Updated error message for Alpha channel required files to include "Don't use 100% white alpha channel".
  • Validation of track folder and project names to remove special characters.
  • Highlight tutorial videos menu when new videos are available.
  • Timer for amount of time that project has been open in Builder (days:hours:minutues).  You can edit your TRK file for existing projects to set the minutes that you have worked on the project.  Edit the "MinutesOpen" value in a text editor like Notepad.

v.1.1.3 (03/13/2022)
  • New SHD Editor window.  Edit/create SHD files for your models.  New window is accessed from the tools window.  Select the folder where your model textures are stored.  The editor will parse the SHD file for you into the editor and give you a preview of what the SHD file looks like.
  • Added the "Add" (Fresnel Reflection) to the reflection editors (track textures editor and SHD editor)
  • Removed "Steer" setting from the photo location section in Track Info tab.  This is set by user in game since B17.
  • Changed error message for images that require an alpha channel.  Added text to notify user to save as 32-bit.
  • Updated style of busy messages
  • Show error message "Tools Not Set" in build section so you know you don't have your tools set correctly.
  • Application checks for new version available at start up with button to open the forum page to download.

v.1.1.2 (01/08/2022)
  • New feature: loads the centerline and RDF file from the example track if it doesn't exist to avoid "Pit Lane full" error.
  • Fix for opening off screen
  • Link to discord on help menu
  • Tutorial Videos links on menu
  • Move About and Donate to their own menu/windows
  • Changed track name limit to 50 characters - changed Project Name limit to 32 characters.
  • Updated documentation to include link to Conversion Tools (Fbx2Edf.exe)

v.1.1.1 (08/10/2021)
  • Fix for RAW heightmaps using height greater than width.  If height and width are not the same value, the app will ask if the width is greater than the height and set the dimensions correctly.
  • Added menu link and tools button to the PiBoSo track registration site.
  • Added menu link to the forum post so you can easily "Check for Updates".

v.1.1.0 (07/27/2021)
  • Allow PNG heightmap files.  Validates for 16-bit PNG and auto-converts it to RAW when building track.
  • Add new feature "Copy Project".  You can now copy an entire project folder to a new folder and it will rename all files to the new track name for you.
  • Fix for "Open last project" text when first opening application.
  • Documentation updated for v.1.1.0.

v.1.0.26 (07/07/2021)
  • Fix for wet-texture normal map repetitions.
  • Removed X & Z labels for repetitions if "Use same for both" is selected.
  • Added backup option to File menu.  Use this to zip your entire project folder to back it up in its current state.
  • Checking for spaces in centerline files (not allowed).

v.1.0.25 (06/13/2021)
  • Added X & Z repetitions for texture - when using a rectangular heightmap this is useful so your textures don't get stretched.  Default is to use same repetition on X and Z.
  • Limited track name to 32 characters - I believe this is a limit in the game.
  • Moved "Create PKZ" button to Tools box instead of Build Commands.  Added a new "Create PKZ (Server) button.  This will automatically remove the MAP, WAV, TGA, DDS, and EDF files from your PKZ.  This is useful to provide for server hosts such as MyMXB.com - it saves a lot of drive space on the servers.

v.1.0.24 (04/12/2021)
  • Fix for foreign language number formatting in files for some users.
  • Ability to use 2 heightmaps for one track (TRH and HMF).
  • Added decimals to Photo setting long/lat.

v.1.0.21 (03/22/2021)
  • Fix for rectangular height maps using correct dimensions.
  • Added toggle button to turn off image validation (try this if you get "out of memory" errors.
  • Added "Clear All" buttons to materials, textures, scenes, and sounds tabs.
  • Added links to iNsane's PKZ locker tool.

v.1.0.18 (01/30/2021)
  • Compiled for 64-bit
  • Bug fix for disabled SHD files
  • Changed PKZ confirmation icon.
  • Ability to name sound records (Sounds tab) - click in header.
  • Moved Donate menu to main menu.
  • Updated splash screen.
  • Added "Photo" section to track info tab - set custom location for photo button in game.
  • Added support for FMR (animated file type) for track image/map files.
  • Bug fix for Soft Soil and Compact Soil particle colors - using correct names now.

v.1.0.13 (12/12/2020)
  • Message box fix so they should pop-to the foreground and be accessible if you leave the window during a track build
  • Performance improvement of list controls when moving/adding/deleting items.  Tested with 240 sound source items for Kraken Berg
  • Hid the Thickness and Mask selection for Material and Texture Layer 0.  It is not used by the game.
  • Added the new "Paint" option in the Track Info tab for setting track object paint files.
  • Application short-cut is now under "Resolute MXB" folder.
  • Various changes for installer and deployment

Thanks to:
  • PiBoSo & Snappe for track file details
  • Giopanda, Mulock22, BeefLilly, & Ruubs for testing
  • iNsane for German translation review
  • Giopanda for Itialian translation review
  • Paulo Rodrigues for Portuguese translation review


CBM Racing

Nicely done! I am building my first track right now so I am just learning about all of this but I imagine this helps out big time. Thanks for sharing it with everyone you could have just kept it for yourself like a lot of people in other communities would do! I am sure once I learn a lot more this tool will really come in handy because I have a pretty big list of tracks I wanna build for this game. Its time to start bringing back some of the tracks from the 90's so thanks again for your hard work!

Resolute Kraken

Update V.1.0.6
- fix for reflection map validation
- changed order of build buttons - moved Build Map above Build TRH since that is the more logical order
- Enabled Portuguese language option

Download zip file, extract, run setup.exe


Resolute Kraken

Update V.1.0.7
- fix for wet texture folder path in HMF (thanks Gio)

Download zip file, extract, run setup.exe


Thanks for this! I'm stuck in my ways right now but I will definitely give this a try on a future track 👍

Resolute Kraken

Quote from: 𝖙𝖋𝖈 on September 07, 2020, 06:02:14 PMThanks for this! I'm stuck in my ways right now but I will definitely give this a try on a future track 👍

It has really nice "Import" buttons to import your existing files.  Give it a shot.

Resolute Kraken

Update V.1.0.8
- fix for optional reflection map in SHD (thanks Gio)

Download zip file, extract, run setup.exe

Resolute Kraken

Update V.1.0.9
- fix for non-English file writes with correct value for decimals in numbers (thanks Gio)

Download zip file, extract, run setup.exe

Resolute Kraken

Update V.1.0.10
- fix for AMB file missing "=" for blue color settings (thanks Gio)

Download zip file, extract, run setup.exe

Resolute Kraken

Update v1.0.11:
- Fix for material layer import
- Fix for autosave when no project loaded yet
- Portuguese language validated (thanks Paulo)