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Question About The fbx2edf Tool

Started by Alliance MX, September 02, 2020, 10:57:17 AM

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Alliance MX

Hi Friends,
The fbx2edf tool what is it for?  Can I use it to convert a track that is in FBX format to a Track that will be in EDF format; and have a file that will open in the Tracked tool?

Please advise


It is used to convert FBX format objects into EDF format so they are locked I guess.

You can convert any FBX file to an EDF for different uses which you can choose when converting. Most common use in MXB is scenery files (on track objects). In MXB the track always needs to include a heightmap although using objects with a TRK prefix surface will allow them to be ridden on.

Read the documentation in the track editing forum for more details.