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MX Simulator sale????

Started by arnzzz, December 14, 2014, 06:42:15 AM

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Hey guys,

Ive just been trying out MXSIM(demo) and its pretty cool in its own way.

MXBikes was the first MX sim/game ive ever used, so i thought id try the other often discussed product.

I like it, its VERY different and I want it, but im not happy about the £35 price tag for a VERY old unsupported product.

Do they EVER put the game on sale for a discounted price for a few days or not? Because I could easily hold on for a while if the
chance i could get a discount is a reality.

I have a feeling its a bit of a cash cow now for the developer. They probably keep the price high and live off the trikkle of sales lol.

when was the last time mxsim was updated?


I have personally never seen it go on sale in 7 years. The game is still being supported, there are updates "snapshots" relatively frequently. JLV, the developer, has been working on a complete set of models for a while. Once he's finished, there should be updates more often. 42 is still cheap with the massive amount of content you gain access too.


hey MXK_cdub85

I guess your right about the price to content ratio making it a pretty good deal. And judging by the amount of time i spend on MXB these days (about 2 hours a day lol)
I can be sure I would easily get my money worth :)

What do you mean by "JLV, the developer, has been working on a complete set of models for a while"??

If your talking about 3d models(bikes etc), isnt that a massive waste of the developers time? With it being so heavily modded by the
community isnt it fair to say his time would be better spent on working on core technologies?

Its his sim though, so who am i to tell him what to do haha :)

Ill buy it, ive gotta support this genre in whatever way I can.

And until MXBike's online picks up I think that is the only way to go to get involved in proper races :)


If you run MX Sim with stock models and tracks at full detail and resolution, there's plenty left to desire. He intends to improve that after years of improving functionality of the physics/rideability. Substance before image is counter to how most of the world works, so I'm happy with that ethic.
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mxsim uses actual bike stats so every bike feels diffrent meaning when he adds the 2014 2015 and 2016 bikes they will have the same stats as the real life bikes and ive never seen it go onsale at all in the past 7 years ive played but like the other guy said its a good price for all the stuff you can download for free   :)
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