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December 08, 2021, 03:15:22 PM


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Prospect Designs LETS RIDE Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship

Started by Razulaxr, December 29, 2020, 04:13:20 PM

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Prospect Designs LETS RIDE Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship

Hey everyone! We gathered up some things over the last few seasons and we are so great full for everyone that comes and supports our series. We have gathered up the responses and trying to make things as great as possible for everyone in the process. Therefore we will have an official rule book that can be found pinned in the #🟢rule-book section of the server. We encourage everyone to go there and read through it and understand exactly how things will work out for all future seasons. Below in the Lucas Oil category is where you can go for all of your necessary needs such as the track list. What tracks have been completed and what tracks are left. We will keep everything in black and white for everyone to understand. So here's some more news we will be following up from the Lucas Oil series with an MXGP series and we will post the tracks that we are racing in a separate category after this chip is finished, and last but not least we will end 2021 with doing supercross and the amateur racing again.  If you can't make a race always come ride on the random fun race nights where it is more relaxed and fun boosted erode servers. Mxgp2020 from milestone and the championship we were going to do, is being flopped, at this time We don't plan on doing a series with milestone in the future and are going to keep our main focus on mxbikes. Thanks for all of you who do participate and all of those that have helped this last year, much love from the Let's Ride Crew. See ya on the gate Monday!

Race Schedule
MX2 Schedule (9:15PM EASTERN)

Round 1: 1/4/2021
Round 2: 1/11/2021
Round 3: 1/18/2021
Round 4: 1/25/2021
Round 5: 2/1/2021
Round 6: 2/8/2021

MX1 Schedule (9:15PM EASTERN)

Round 1: 1/6/2021
Round 2: 1/13/2021
Round 3: 1/20/2021
Round 4: 1/27/2021
Round 5: 2/3/2021
Round 6: 2/10/2021

Track list
1 - Loretta Lynn's I (QUALI: 25 celsius, clear, dry) (LCQ: 28 celsius, clear, dry) (MOTOS: 29 celsius, clear, dry)

2 - Loretta Lynn's II (QUALI: 24 celsius, cloudy, wet) (LCQ: NONE) (MOTOS: 25 celsius, cloudy, wet)

3 - Ironman (QUALI: 24 celsius, clear, dry) (LCQ: 27 celsius, clear, dry) (MOTOS: 28 celsius, clear, dry)

4 - RedBud I (QUALI: 17 celsius, clear, dry) (LCQ: 21 celsius, clear, dry) (MOTOS: 23 celsius, clear, dry)

5 - RedBud II (QUALI: 24 celsius, clear, dry) (LCQ: 25 celsius, cloudy, dry) (MOTOS: 25 celsius, clear, dry)

6 - Spring Creek (QUALI: 12 celsius, clear, dry) (LCQ: 16 celsius, clear, dry) (MOTOS: 19 celsius, clear, dry)

!!!CANCELLED!!! - WW Ranch

!!!CANCELLED!!! - Thunder Valley

!!!CANCELLED!!! - Fox Raceway

National Numbers

Rule Book
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