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October 03, 2023, 03:57:55 PM


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Directional tyre treads texture

Started by JV, February 02, 2021, 07:26:39 PM

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I'm new to the mx bikes community and started to build my first track. I've been doing tracks since Unleashed days so I'm not all new to it.

Anyway my question is how to achieve the tyre treads texturing in the direction of the track, either in the normals or color map like in Paleta raceway 2 or MXB Club? It seems to me that it would have something to do with the centerlines?

Thankful if someone could help answer this and how to achieve this effect :).


All done with masks. I regret paleta v2 I think it looks terrible. IMO the game does a great job at deformation if you get it right with the texture layer colours and materials.

Check out my Southwick (not released yet) deformation. The only thing missing is tyre treads as it deforms which would make it look 10 times better.

To achieve that though it would need an 8 or even 16k normal map and mask combo overlay. Very resource hungry and not worth it.


I think you might have mis-interpeted me. I mean the tractor/dozer tracks, those cannot be masks right? Got to be atleast 8k then to do that resolution?

Southwick looks very accurate btw, good job!


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Sorry, I thought you meant tyre treads as in the 'fake ruts'. Either way my answer still stands, it's a combination of normal map overlay and masks. I know, because that's how I did it on Paleta V2  ;)

In fact, Paleta V2 is all masks, no normal. And for the record I still think it looks terrible  ;D


Hum okay, might skip then. I'm currently struggling with optimization atm so adding an 8k map for tractor tracks do not seem worth it. My initial idea tho was to just have some tractor tracks in some mud puddles around my track :)


I believe the tractor tracks on Club is made with a 4k mask and normal map. Maryland uses an 8k mask and normal map.

For my Houston round 1 track, I've gone with a 4k mask and normal map as well. The key is to set up your masks properly. Here's a quick example:
Layer 0 should be the darkest layer.
Layer 1 sits on top of layer 0. Layer 1 should have a lighter texture color.
To achieve tractor tracks on your track, you'd need to add a high resolution mask for layer 1 (either go with 4k or 8k. I wouldn't dare using 16k myself due to performance decrease).
If this mask is white, it'll show the lighter texture of layer 1. If you make it black, it'll show the texture of layer 0. If you make your mask grey, it'll blend layer 1 and layer 2. By blending the layers you can create variety in textures very easily.
To add tractor tracks on the mask you can use brushes or photos from actual tractor tracks. For my tracks I use 3D scanned textures. By placing grey-ish tractor tracks on the mask you ensure that when riding over these tractor tracks, they still deform into the darker texture of layer 0.