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April 16, 2021, 01:50:40 PM


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Any interest in an unfinished track?

Started by BeansAndWeens, February 28, 2021, 04:00:08 AM

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Been lurking around these parts for a little bit now and am amazed at the work that people put into making tracks. Without any experience with anything to do with track making I set off to make a replica of my hometown track. However, there isnt good satellite photos of it so decided on a fantasy track instead. Huge thanks to both TFC and Mouk Labs for their youtube channels.

I really enjoy working with the heightmap but not so much texturing and I have a bit too much on my plate right now to get deep into blender. Personally, I really enjoy the track and its at a point that I am happy to just rip laps on it but its pretty..... Bare in comparison to the amazing work that seems to keep getting posted. I also have a pretty beefy computer and most the map is 3d grass so I'm not sure if that means it will run poorly for some people.

If there is much interest in it I can spend the bit of time to tidy up the files and figure out how to get them zipped up and uploaded, otherwise I'll just happily rip laps on the maps whos file structure is a disaster and still named "example track"

(youtube compression hates the dirt texture it seems)


I could bring some objects to your track, just contact me in discord MotoMiika#5942 if you are intrested :D


Oh, cool! I mean if you want to add objects to it then by all means. Maybe I wasn't particularly clear or I should have posted this in the main tracks forum. I just figured more tracks, more better and while it doesn't look overly pleasing to look at, I find it to be pretty fun to ride -maybe thats just because I made it- but didn't know if many people in the community cared for fantasy tracks.

If you feel like messing with it at all, that's awesome! Or if you want just the .pkz to give it a lap I can figure that out. I will download discord and get in touch soon


I finally got some time to clean up and name the track a bit, figured I may as well upload it in the event anyone wants to try it. Wouldn't mind to know if anyone things is at all fun haha. First time uploading anything so hopefully I did it right, just zipped up the track folder and uploaded to mediafire.