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October 03, 2023, 03:52:44 PM


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Advanced texturing help?

Started by kawirider276, July 29, 2021, 04:30:23 PM

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Hey everyone loving all the information out there on track building, been having a blast getting back into it all the way back from the MCM days, so thank you to everyone who has put work out there making this a much easier job than in the past!

Anyways I've run into something I haven't been able to figure out and that's how to add detailing ruts and tractor treed over the top track layer that flow, I can get a good amount of detail out of using the masks to add general definition but nothing like really detailed top layers you see in some of the high end tracks these days.  Is there anywhere to look or just a general concept I can check out?

Thanks again guys!


generally speaking, the standard way of doing ruts and tractor treads are making highres masks and/or highres normal map. I use 8k normal maps for my tracks and 4k masks for the layers that's going to use painted ruts. AFAIK it's not possible to repeat textures along a path like you could back in MVA days, which would be the best way of getting alot of detail without having to use much resolution.


Beware though, this can significantly impact performance especially for those with lower end PC's..


Awesome! thanks guys, I kinda had figure that to be the case but wanted to check and see if there was another way of doing it that might be less taxing on performance.