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Issue Installing Tracks

Started by Bartleskeet, October 16, 2021, 10:35:42 PM

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I just got mxb about a week ago and have some mods installed as far as bikes, tracks, and maxhud. I'm running into an issue with a lot of tracks that I want to play. I download the .rar file and use 7zip, but theres never a .pkz file in the folder. I've seen this multiple times. What am I doing wrong? Can someone please help? Thank you.


welcome mang, if you download a .pkz just drag and drop it into your tracks folder, if you download a .zip or .rar just extract the track folder out of it into your tracks folder


To expand on what fridgedollar said: Make sure you have a winrar program. When you download a zipped folder that looks like books as a thumbnail in your downloads, right click that zipped file. Click extract to (Enter tracks name here)(Usually the bottom option for extracting... Also has a bookshelf thumbnail lol) Once it extracts, and you have a folder with the tracks name. Inside that folder will be another identical folder with the name of the track. Open a seperate file explorer. On the file explorer, go to documents, piboso, mx bikes, mods, tracks. There will be for options of different types of tracks. Drag the folder that you got to in your first file explorer, and drag it over and into the track type folder of your choice. ie: motocross, supercross etc.


Not every track maker saves them as .pkz. If it's just a folder with a bunch of files in it, just save that folder in your Tracks folder, and it should work the same. The way I understand it, you can take a zip file and just change the extension to .pkz instead of .zip, and the game will know how to read it. But I usually just extract the zip file and put the raw folder in my tracks folder and it works fine.